Woman Crashes $660,000 Ferrari Just Minutes After Renting It in China

Woman Crashes $660,000 Ferrari Just Minutes After Renting It in China
Ryan General
June 24, 2018
Horrifying footage from traffic cameras showed a driver in China completely wrecking an expensive sports car just a few minutes after picking it up from a rental dealership.
In the short clip, the unnamed female driver can be seen losing control of a Ferrari 458 while driving on a wet concrete road in Wenling, China.
The imported car, which was purchased by the rental dealership for over $660,000, was captured on video slamming into a metal traffic barrier before hitting the side of a BMW X3 driving on the opposite lane.
The BMW also collides with a black Nissan saloon car, causing a pileup in the road in the busy city center highway.
As a result of the accident, the front end of the Ferrari 458 was shown to be completely destroyed based on the footage taken by witnesses.  
Another clip, believed to be filmed by the woman at the driver’s seat as she was waiting at the traffic lights, purportedly shows her boasting about the rental car.
“First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling,” said the driver as she points at the sports car’s dashboard.
In the aftermath of the accident, she and her female passengers were reportedly not seriously injured, MailOnline reports.

Repairs on the damaged Italian sports car has been estimated at over $300,000, which is half its purchase price.

It was not reported whether the woman was covered by insurance or how the damage would be covered.
While the crash is still under investigation. it has been suggested that the car’s traction control might have been turned off before the crash.
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