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‘I’m much more aware’: Gemma Chan reflects on ‘orientalist trope’ role in BBC’s ‘Sherlock’

Gemma Chan in BBC's Sherlock

If given the chance, Gemma Chan may refuse to play the role she had taken in BBC’s “Sherlock” back in 2010.

The controversy: Chan, best known for her roles in “Crazy Rich Asians” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played a Chinese pottery expert in “Blind Banker,” the second episode in the first season of “Sherlock.” The controversy lies around the character’s use of a thick Chinese accent, involvement in smuggling activities and overall portrayal of a damsel in distress.

BBC Says F*ck You to the Chinese Community, Releases Racist Show ‘Chinese Burn’ Anyway

The BBC’s new comedy TV series “Chinese Burn”, which follows the life of three Chinese women in London, promised to smash negative Asian stereotypes when the pilot episode first premiered in November, but it has done the complete opposite.

“Chinese people don’t get much representation on British TV, and when they do it’s usually illegal immigrants, Triads or takeaway staff. ‘Chinese Burn’ aims to tackle these stereotypes and share real East Asian experiences of living in London. This show’s stories are straight-from-the-dragon’s-mouth, no-MSG, authentic. Six billion Chinese can’t all be Wongs. We are more than the stereotypes. We are varied. We are different. But our stories are universal, so Brits can relate… mate,” Shin-Fei Chen and Yennis Cheung, who write and star in “Chinese Burn,” were quoted as saying last year.

BBC Radio Show Can’t Seem to Tell Asians Apart From Each Other

A recent BBC Radio 4 program interview became awkward after its host failed to tell the difference between two Asian guests.

Dr. Riko Muranaka is an acclaimed doctor from Japan who is known for her support on the HPV vaccine, while Trinh T Minh-ha is an award-winning filmmaker from Vietnam. Despite the two women looking entirely different, “Woman’s Hour” host Jenni Murray ended up interviewing the wrong person on the show.

New BBC Show ‘Chinese Burn’ Sparks Outrage for Extreme Racism Against Asians

The BBC has aired a new television show called “Chinese Burn” centered around the life of three Asian women in London, positioning itself to be edgy and tackling stereotypes surrounding Asian women. Unfortunately, it does nothing of the sort, and instead is extremely racist against both Asian women and men, with Asian women being the heaviest perpetrators of racism against their male counterparts.

Although the show is currently not available outside of the U.K., Reddit user Seb_Paradise posted on aznidentity, a subreddit discussing issues pertaining to the global Asian community, his thoughts on the matter after having watched the first episode.

Kid Who Interrupted Dad’s Viral BBC Interview Becomes a Sass Queen at Press Conference

Marion Kelly, a.k.a. the “BBC interview kid,” won’t let anyone forget her sassiness as she took the spotlight once again at a Wednesday press conference with her family in South Korea.

The four-year-old girl, along with her 8-month-old brother James and mother Kim Jung-a, went viral last week after she busted through the door during a live BBC interview via Skype with her father, Robert Kelly.

That Lady in The Viral BBC Video is Not a Nanny, Moron

A humorous video featuring some playful toddlers was all over social media the other day, but along with it was also a “viral” display of a dangerous stereotype.

The scene was from a BBC television interview with a professor living in South Korea, which became suddenly awkward after his two young children came crashing into the footage halfway their serious discussion. The adorable “uninvited guests” immediately became instant internet celebrities after the video went viral.