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Ad in China ‘Victim-Blames’ Woman in Makeup Being Followed By Masked Man

A company in China has pulled an advertisement for its makeup removal wipes after receiving backlash for allegedly promoting victim-blaming, CNN reports.

Controversial video: In the Purcotton advertisement, a masked man stalks a woman as she walks through a dark alley at night. The woman removes her makeup with wipes and faces her horrified would-be attacker, scaring him away.

Piers Morgan Mocks the Chinese Language on Live TV

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has made headlines for the wrong reasons once again after he mimicked the Chinese language on a milk advertisement during a segment on Good Morning Britain.

The 54-year-old ITV presenter was discussing Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to leave the royal family, and if they would follow the son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, Peter Phillips, who starred in the Chinese ad for milk, Metro reported.

Trump Campaign Ads Caught Using Foreign Stock Images to Portray ‘Real Americans’

President Donald Trump has made anti-immigration a large focus of his administration and re-election campaign.

In May, he spoke for roughly 20 minutes on the current immigration system, stating, “Unfortunately, the current immigration rules allow foreign workers to substitute for Americans seeking entry-level jobs. So, foreign workers are coming in and they’re taking the jobs that would normally go to American workers.”

Touching Thai Commercial Reminds People to Always Tell Their Loved Ones They Love Them

A touching Thailand television ad has resurfaced after years of making people cry and confess their love to their significant others.

The 11-minute ad, titled “The Only One,” was first posted online in 2016 by The 1 Card in honor of its 10th anniversary. It tells the story of a simple couple and the journey of a woman handling the loss of her boyfriend.