Thai Lip Balm Ad Just Took ‘Boys’ Love’ to the Next Level

Thai Lip Balm Ad Just Took ‘Boys’ Love’ to the Next Level
Carl Samson
December 27, 2017
“Boy/Boys’ Love” or BL is a huge entertainment genre in Asia, and if you’re looking for one under two minutes, you’re in for a treat.
Give thanks to Thai beauty brand KA, which came up with an ingenious ad for its fresh line of lip balm called Lip Care.
It starts with one high school boy confronting another about breaking his sister’s heart…
…but things took a shocking turn when the second boy, advancing on the other, explains that he told his sister: “I prefer your elder brother.”
We melted for a moment, of course.
The ad then shows how KA Lip Care — which comes in strawberry, menthol, mixed fruit, orange and “pure” flavors — works its magic:
It ends with our Romeo telling his Romeo to use it regularly so he’ll know what his lips feel like…
…leaving a gaggle of female classmates stunned at the turn of events.
The ad has been viewed at least 1.2 million times on Facebook, with netizens commenting:
“You know, I don’t care what it does to the lips. I don’t care if it’s better or worse than other brands… But if you’re going to produce a concept like this again, I’m definitely buying to support!”
“I’m so happy. I will buy it tomorrow.”
“It’s been a while. This drama is really good.”
“The ad influenced me so much — I’m done. I’m running to buy.”
“This is so satisfying.”
Watch the ad (translated by Lazy Subber)!
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