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Senior Asian Australian protestor sustains brain bleed, neck injury during arrest

  • Danny Lim, a well-known street activist in Australia, has been released from the hospital after sustaining injuries during a police confrontation in Sydney earlier this week.
  • The 78-year-old former politician was placed in handcuffs on Tuesday morning after allegedly refusing to leave the area outside Queen Victoria Building in the Central Business District.
  • As deputies tried to arrest Lim, he fell to the ground, which resulted in a fractured skull, brain bleeding, a neck injury and broken facial bones.
  • The Malaysian-born activist was released from St. Vincent’s Hospital on Thursday morning with a neck brace and a plan for “ongoing monitoring.”
  • The incident is currently being investigated by the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, a permanent independent investigative body tasked with overseeing the police force.

Danny Lim, a popular Malaysian-born Australian activist, has been released from the hospital after sustaining injuries while being arrested in Sydney’s Central Business District earlier this week.

Lim, 78, is known for protesting peacefully on the streets with signs written on sandwich boards. He is also a former politician who served as councilor for the municipality of Strathfield from 2008 to 2012.

‘He’s the kind of person who leads by example’: General Electric researcher HP Wang dies at 75

  • General Electric researcher Dr. Hsin-Pang Wang died from colon cancer on Sept. 6. He was 75.
  • “He was really like a father and uncle to a lot of people,” Jennifer Zhao, executive director of the International Center of the Capital Region, told the Times Union. “He’s the kind of person who leads by example.”
  • Born in Nanjing, China, in 1946, Wang and his family moved to Taiwan in 1949. He studied at National Cheng Kung University before moving to the United States to study mechanical engineering at the University of Florida in 1970.
  • He met his partner, Ting-Ting, at the University of Florida and got married in 1973. The couple then relocated to Albany, New York, in 1976, the same year Wang started his 34-year career at General Electric Global Research.
  • During those years, Wang reportedly held more than 100 patents and invented several technologies, including a breakthrough invention that improves gas turbine efficiency for power generation and helps to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  • In 1997, Wang founded General Electric’s Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF). He also served as the president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Albany-Mohawk Chapter and the president of the 80-20 Educational Foundation’s Board of Donors.

General Electric researcher Dr. Hsin-Pang Wang, described by many of his colleagues as an altruistic leader and visionary, has died at 75.

Wang, also known as HP Wang, died on Sept. 6 from colon cancer, according to his obituary.

Why activism for many AAPIs starts with their voice in the classroom

In recent times — with the rise of Asian culture and the COVID-19 pandemic — my identity as an Asian American is suddenly in the spotlight. 

From articles celebrating the many cultures that make up my community to the social media posts featuring Asian models, there seems to be a sudden wave of faces that look like mine. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the #StopAsianHate movement, this increase in Asian visibility seems to be more important than ever. 

35-mile ‘Run for Chinatown’ organized to honor Christina Lee’s life, raise awareness of anti-Asian crimes

run for chinatown
  • The New York Chinatown community organized a 35-mile run on Monday with one mile honoring every year of stabbing victim Christina Yuna Lee’s life.
  • The group that organized the challenge “Run for Chinatown” aimed to raise awareness of the rise in violent crimes targeting Asian Americans.
  • The challenge was expected to take around seven to eight hours while participants made laps around the block where Lee had lived.
  • Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was stabbed to death in her Chinatown apartment after allegedly being followed home on Feb. 13 by Assamad Nash.

A group of runners planned a 35-mile run on Monday called “Run for Chinatown” in which participants ran 175 laps around the block where Christina Yuna Lee lived in honor of her life.

Participants were challenged to run one mile for every year of Lee’s life, totaling 35 miles. While some ran the full 35 miles, others ran for 35 minutes or did 35 laps, reported ABC7.

‘I was the only one doing it’: TV chef icon Martin Yan on 43 years of sharing Asian American cuisine

  • Television chef Martin Yan spoke to NextShark about his 43 years in the industry, discrimination he has faced, the meaning of “authenticity” in cooking, and how he has become more vocal in advocating for Asian American communities.
  • In his new web series called “MY Chinatown,” Yan hopes to support the communities around him, saying he has become “more vocal” in his advocacy in the past few years.
  • “The Chinese have been living in Chinatown, have been working hard in Chinatown, have been contributing to the economy of the U.S., the tourism of California and the city, for 160 years! We are part of America. It’s a melting pot. Why do you have to hate us?” he said.

Chef Martin Yan has spent 43 years sharing Asian American culture and cooking on broadcast television – now he hopes to engage in more activism with his “MY Chinatown” series.

When Martin Yan joins the Zoom call, he instantly glides into TV presenter mode. After settling in with his AirPods, he cheerily walks me through the Chinese New Year decorations that have taken up the majority of his kitchen. 

Women’s rights activist Ayesha Malik becomes first female Supreme Court justice in Pakistan

First female justice pakistan
  • Gender equality activists are celebrating Ayesha Malik’s appointment to the Supreme Court in light of gender disparities in Pakistan and Malik’s own robust track record as a women’s rights advocate.
  • Malik’s appointment succeeded by a narrow 5-4 margin.

On Jan. 24, a judiciary committee appointed 55-year-old Ayesha Malik to Pakistan’s Supreme Court bench by a narrow margin.

Domestic and international activists have been celebrating the appointment of Malik to Pakistan’s Supreme Court as an important step towards women’s rights in the country. Female judges make up only 4% of Pakistan’s high courts, BBC reports.

20-year-old Hong Kong independence activist sentenced to 43 months in prison under China security law

Hong Kong flag

Tony Chung, the 20-year-old former leader of Hong Kong activist group Studentlocalism, has been sentenced to three years and seven months of imprisonment, making him the youngest person jailed under China’s security law.

What happened: Chung’s sentence was reduced after he entered a plea bargain on Tuesday to secession and money laundering charges, according to The Washington Post. The court explained that Chung had allegedly used the donations he received on PayPal to boost his Hong Kong pro-independence organization.

Meet the Artist Behind the Iconic Portrait of the Beloved Vicha Ratanapakdee

Amidst all of the news about hate crimes against the Asian American community, LA-based artist Jonathan Chang decided that he cannot stay silent anymore.

A seasoned illustrator in the toy and entertainment industries, Chang mostly posted photos of his dog and other fun pop culture illustrations, from Overwatch characters to Andrew Yang. However, with the onset of the pandemic last year, he began to notice the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes among Asian-centric social media accounts.