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Alleged Drug Lord Called ‘Asia’s El Chapo’ Fighting Extradition to Australia

Alleged drug kingpin Tse Chi Lop, who the media has called the Asian “El Chapo,” is contesting extradition from the Netherlands to Australia. 

Wanted in Australia: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has accused Tse of being “the senior leader of the Sam Gor syndicate,” which allegedly imported and distributed illicit narcotics in Australia for years, reported ABC/Reuters. The AFP, which led an international counter-narcotics investigation targeting the group, issued an arrest warrant for Tse in 2019. 

Cat Makes History After Repatriation to the Philippines Amid Myanmar Political Turmoil

A cat owned by a Filipino migrant worker in Myanmar became the first pet to be repatriated to the Philippines when it joined the fifth government-funded repatriation flight amid the COVID-19 pandemic on May 29.

Plea for help: Karen Vinalay, an art director returning home due to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, initially failed to get permission from the Philippine Embassy in Yangon, to bring along her short-haired cat, Jon Snow White, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Kim Jong-Un Bans Skinny Jeans, Mullets For Promoting ‘Capitalistic Culture’

North Korea is cracking down on symbols of a “capitalistic lifestyle” with its recent ban on body piercings, mullets and skinny jeans. 

Stopping capitalism: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un implemented the ban following a warning from the state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmum, that “capitalistic culture” is taking over the country and must be stopped, according to Yonhap News.

Mexico’s President Apologizes for the 1911 Massacre that Killed Over 300 Chinese People

Mexico’s president made a public apology on Monday for the killing of over 300 Chinese people by the revolutionary forces of Francisco I. Madero in the city of Torreón over a century ago.

Gruesome history: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he wants to ensure the 1911 massacre, in which Chinese nationals were mutilated or hung from telegraph poles, “never, ever happens again,” reported the Associated Press

Chinese Students Jailed After Swindling KFC Out of $30,000

A group of students from Shanghai received prison sentences of up to two and a half years after swindling KFC out of $30,000 by using a loophole. 

What happened: A 23-year-old student, identified as Xu, first learned how to outsmart KFC in April 2018. He realized he could order free food by using coupons from the KFC app and then request refunds of these coupons through another app. 

Man Involved in Past Anti-Asian Incidents Arrested For Spitting at Asian Couple in Canada

A man from Ontario, Canada, who had earlier faced charges for an anti-Asian incident in March, was arrested again for harassing an Asian couple. 

What happened: The 21-year-old suspect allegedly went on a racist rant and spat on the pair as they were walking in a secluded area of a south-end park in Guelph on Tuesday morning, CTV News reported. 

Miss Universe Candidate Says Not to Generalize Filipino Pageant Fans After Receiving Racist Comments

Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens took to social media to denounce racist remarks she has been receiving from Filipino users online. 

Embattled queen: Stevens, Canada’s first Miss Universe candidate of Sudanese origin, wrote in an Instagram post that she has been targeted by people who are “still stuck in their ignorant and racist ideologies.”

Japanese Man Arrested for Tricking 35 Girlfriends to Give Him Gifts for Fake Birthdays

A man in Japan allegedly dated 35 women at the same time just to manipulate them into giving him lavish gifts for made-up birthdays.

Takashi Miyagawa, 39, reportedly pretended to be in serious relationships with women before defrauding them of items worth a combined total of 100,000 Japanese Yen (roughly $925). The gifts varied from electronics to clothing, including an almost $280 suit, according to The Independent. 

Gemma Chan, Susie Lau Call Out British Newspaper for ‘Trivializing’ Prince Philip’s ‘Casual Racism’

Fashion blogger and journalist Susie Lau and “Crazy Rich Asians” star Gemma Chan have called out the Sunday Times for playing down the “casual racism” in its tribute article to the late Prince Philip, who died earlier this month at 99 years old.

The Sunday Times published a front page report one day after Prince Philip’s funeral on April 18, saying the British public “secretly enjoyed” the late Duke of Edinburgh’s racist comments, according to Insider.