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Alexander Wang Accused of Sexually Assaulting, Drugging Multiple People

alexander wang

Iconic fashion designer Alexander Wang is facing multiple sexual assault allegations, with survivors on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter detailing the designer’s reportedly predatory and substance-fueled behavior.

First viral allegation: Wang’s alleged history of sexual abuse began to emerge after model Owen Mooney answered a question from another TikTok user about the “weirdest seeing a celebrity in public experience” on December 11, detailing a 2017 incident at a club where he claims he was groped.

Chinese ‘Glammas’ Are Now Using TikTok to Flex Their Fashion


These vogue grandmas, or “glam-mas” as their fans affectionately call them, are too busy putting together incredibly age-defying outfits at over 60 years of age and showing off their fashion know-how on the streets to bake cookies for you.

The stylish grandmas, as they call themselves in Mandarin, have retired but connected over restarting their modeling careers from the ground up with a training course over 20 years ago, reported Reuters.

Balenciaga Sparks Outrage Over ‘Ugly’ Bags for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Balenciaga has come under fire yet again — this time in China for what social media users are calling “tacky,” “gaudy” and “tasteless” handbags.

In time for the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) on Aug. 25, the French fashion house launched a new collection of bags that featured various expressions of love, including “He loves me,” “You love me,” “I love you” and “I love me.”

Meet the TikTok Star Who Turns Knock Off Luxury Bags Into Awesome Outfits

Alexa Jade

Alexa Jade is a 29-year-old LA-based Filipino creator who has been gaining popularity on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for her skills making incredible DIY outfits out of fake luxury bags.

Popularly known for her Nava Rose Youtube channel, the social media rising star’s unique take on thrift flipping has impressed everyone, with many of her videos going viral.

Elle Creative Director Stephen Gan Accused of Making Racist and Sexist Comments Towards Staff

Stephen Gan

Elle U.S. creative director Stephen Gan has denied reports claiming that he was fired from the magazine brand following accusations that he made racist and sexist remarks in the past.

In an article published last week, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) cited sources who claimed that Gan will no longer have work to do with Elle and its parent publication Hearst and that his contract will not be renewed after its expiration in several weeks.