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Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone Are Finally Teaming Up For an Epic Action Movie

Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone, two of the biggest international movie icons, are teaming up for an epic action-packed movie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it looks like the planned movie, titled “Ex-Baghdad”, has had been green lit to start production. The $80 million movie project, believed to be among the costliest Chinese productions after “Asura’s” $100 million budget, will be directed by “Need for Speed” filmmaker Scott Waugh.

Why Young Japanese People Work Themselves to Death

Working long hours in Japan is nothing unusual but the fact that it is rapidly becoming the new norm in the country’s modern society sparks concern from people who recognize the problem attached to overworking yourself.

In Japan, karoshi means death from overwork, which is exactly what will happen to many Japanese young professional if they do not realize the dangers of working past their body’s maximum capacity.

Meet the Teacher of the Highest School on Earth in Tibet

Meet the man who has been teaching and managing the highest known classroom on Earth, located in Tibet.

The primary school in Puma Jiantang is 5,373 meters above sea level, making it higher than the base camp where daring climbers depart to climb Mount Everest. It’s not only surprising that a primary school exists there but also that there is someone who is willing to take up the job of a teacher despite the harsh weather conditions.

Why It’s Difficult to Be a Chinese Student in America

When Yang Shuping delivered her graduation speech at the University of Maryland, she gave a controversial remark about America’s fresh air and freedom of speech which Chinese netizens didn’t take lightly, seeing her as “belittling” her own country.

According to South China Morning Post, after her eight-minute speech, Shuping received criticisms most especially from people back at home in China. Shuping’s words opened an avenue for debate about the dilemma that overseas Chinese students are facing regarding finding the perfect balance of embracing their new-found life in another country while maintaining their ties to their homeland.

Inside The Lives of Men Forced into Marriage as ‘Slave Grooms’ in Hong Kong

Not too many people probably know about the “slave grooms of Hong Kong” and a lot might be surprised to find out that it’s not just the women who get tricked into human trafficking.

A report from South China Morning Post shed light on this unpopular issue where Indian and Pakistani men are “tricked into arranged marriages and trafficked to Hong Kong” to work as servants and laborers.

Meet the Filipino-American Who Could Become K-Pop’s Next Biggest Star

Meet Kreisha Chu, also known as Kriesha Tiu, an 18-year-old singing sensation from the Philippines who may have the potential to become the next K-Pop idol.

Chu was born in Cebu, Philippines and then later moved to San Francisco, California. According to Koreaboo, while Chu was living in California, she was scouted by Urban Works Entertainment and thereafter decided to move to Korea where a possible career in the K-Pop industry awaited her.

New Research Reveals the ‘Real’ Reason Why Chinese Women Bound Their Feet

In China, foot binding was used on women in order to give them the coveted  “golden lotus feet,” believing it would make women more desirable. However, a new research suggests that this might not have been the reason why women endured this painful practice.

According to CNN, Lauren Bossen, co-author of the book “Bound feet, Young hands”, said that the concept of foot binding being seen as a way to please men in China is widely misunderstood.

Blind Japanese Boy Writes to Nintendo For More Games, Gets a Heartwarming Response

It’s hard for a blind 5-year-old Japanese boy, Hibiki Sakai, to play video games because of his condition. However, he finds joy in playing a specific Nintendo game and thanked the giant game company for it.

A Twitter user under the username of “kentarock1020” recently posted a heartwarming photo of a letter his son, Hibiki, sent Nintendo. In the letter, the 5-year-old boy said:

Drunk White Guy Gets Exactly What He Deserves For Assaulting Singapore Police

A video of an alleged drunk Australian man fighting officers at Singapore’s Changi Airport surfaced last month, just one in a string of four separate incidents around the city. The man, identified as Jason Peter Darragh, now faces 11 charges which, if found guilty could mean years of jail time and caning as punishment.

In the airport video, taken by Ben Bonifant, Darragh is seen struggling to fight off airport officers while they try to arrest him. Darragh, who was believed to be drunk, was also accused of swearing at and hitting an officer in the face and threatening another by saying, “You don’t come near me or I’ll break your face.”

Bedridden Grandma in China Abandoned by Her Kids, Kind Neighbors Step in to Help

An elderly and bedridden Chinese woman in her 80’s was abandoned by her children, so kind neighbors stepped in to look after her.

South China Morning Post reports the case of a widow in southern China whose adult children were nowhere to be found. In a country where filial piety is a staple part of the culture, many cases of elderly people being treated cruelly seem to be increasing over time.