Japan Has a Huge Shortage of Ninja

Japan Has a Huge Shortage of NinjaJapan Has a Huge Shortage of Ninja
Japan is in need of ninja after a shortage in its warriors due to the large demand from foreign visitors.
Known and famous for their stealth moves, many would assume that Japan still flourish in ninja warriors, which is only unique to the Asian country. However, according to the Independentsaid that there is a shortage of these martial arts experts because of a lack of candidates that would be perfect for this practice.
Together with the shortage comes another problem. With the growing tourists that visit Japan every year also increases the demand for “ninja shows.”
“With the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan on the increase, the value of ninja as tourism content has increased. There are more employment choices, while ninja shows across the country have become popular. I feel there is a ninja shortage,” said Takatsugu Aoki, manager of a martial arts squad in the southern city of Nagoya, in an interview with The Asahi Shimbun.
And while there are candidates who are up for the job, some of them lack the skills that are needed since they will be trained in unarmed combat. Among the skills required include acrobatics, the art of concealment, first aid, and candidates must also be able to use throwing stars and fight with swords. 
Over the centuries, ninja were known in Japan and all over the world as fearsome warriors and assassins that perfected the skill of covert warfare and espionage. For years, they have been represented in movies and anime and remain glorified to this day by fans.
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