Filipino Girl Rejected from U.K. Grammar School Despite Having Higher IQ Than Einstein

Filipino Girl Rejected from U.K. Grammar School Despite Having Higher IQ Than Einstein
King Malleta
By King Malleta
May 8, 2017
A grammar school in the U.K. made a huge mistake by rejecting a Filipino girl with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein’s.
Mia Golosino, 11, and her parents, Jose and Mary, moved to the U.K. 10 years ago. Golosino’s father works in the IT industry while Mary is a full-time mom. Hoping to secure a good future for their child’s education, Golosino applied to Aylesbury High grammar school, her first school of choice.
However, according to Metro UK, things didn’t work out as planned when the school informed the family that they couldn’t accept Golosino because of an “oversubscription.”
Thinking of another way for their child to get a better chance at getting accepted, Mr. and Mrs. Golosino asked their daughter to sit through a Mensa test — the “largest and highest IQ society in the world.”
When the results came back, Golosino’s parents couldn’t believe what they read. Their daughter got 162 on the IQ test, a high score above the genius mark of 140, reported Metro UK. Scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking reportedly had an IQ of 160.
“We could not believe our eyes upon seeing the invitation letter. She just needed one of the results within top 2 percent to become a member of British Mensa,” said Golosino’s father.
Golosino’s mom revealed that her daughter prepared for the test by playing a Mensa app for 15 minutes everyday.
“When we took the test we didn’t think much would come from it, we just thought it might help get Mia into good schools,” her mother said. She added:
“Mia puts a lot of pressure on herself and has such little confidence in herself that this is exactly what she needs.
“She really wants to go to an all girls school because she is big on girl power and didn’t want to be outsmarted by boys, but I think that this has really helped her confidence.”
Now, Aylesbury High would be disappointed to know that the 11-year-old already decided to go the Royal Latin School in Buckingham.
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