Chinese Couple Pays $500 for Hideous ‘Professional’ Wedding Photoshoot

Chinese Couple Pays $500 for Hideous ‘Professional’ Wedding PhotoshootChinese Couple Pays $500 for Hideous ‘Professional’ Wedding Photoshoot
An elderly couple in China paid $500 to have their photos taken by a professional photographer but ended up with a photobook of some of the worst pictures imagineable.
Back in February during the Spring Festival, a couple from China, 76-year-old Zhu Ge and his 70-year-old wife, purchased a cruise ship package that targeted elderly couples from a travel agency. The offer seemed inviting especially because of the free photoshoot session given to each couple from a professional photographer aboard the ship.
The initial 10 photos were complimentary and part of the package they purchased, but they would have to pay $17 for each succeeding photo if they choose to have more. The couple agreed to take 29 more photos which led to a total bill of approximately $500, Shanghaiist reported.
The couple, who has been married for 45 years, were also promised that their pictures would be edited to make them look perfect.
After waiting three months for the company to process their photos, the couple was dismayed with the outcome. Although they paid a lot of money for 29 additional photos, Ge said of his hideous photoshoot, “I can’t wait to burn it.”
Many netizens poked fun at the situation with one saying, “I could have taken better photos with my phone.”
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