Chinese Woman Gets Scammed Out of $87,000 By Her Own Son-In-Law

Chinese Woman Gets Scammed Out of $87,000 By Her Own Son-In-LawChinese Woman Gets Scammed Out of $87,000 By Her Own Son-In-Law
In a weird twist of events, an elderly woman from China found out that the con man that wooed and swindled her is her very own son-in-law.
The Yangtse Evening Post (via South China Morning Post) reported that a woman from Jiangsu Province was scammed out of $86,900 over nine months by a man she met online who posed as a 56-year-old entrepreneur from Guangzhou under the alias “Zhou Cheng”.
Her daughter suspected that her mother was the victim of a scam when she showed email exchanges between her and the conman. They ended up calling the police and when they tracked the IP address, they found out that the conman posing as “Zhou Cheng” was the woman’s son-in-law.
According to the report, “Zhou” complained about his marriage and said that he wanted to get a divorce, but because his assets were frozen, he would need money, in the amount of 10,000 yuan ($1,448) to pay the legal fees. Additionally, he also said that he would need more money, 200,000 yuan ($28,970) to turn his company assets to cash. The rest of the money was wired through a series of other creative excuses.
The elderly woman believed all of his alibis and ended up transferring money to the poser. What’s even more interesting is that “Zhou” requested the woman to wire the money to her son-in-law after claiming that he knew him.
Her son-in-law admitted to deceiving the poor woman and is currently waiting for prosecution.
The woman has a tendency to be gullible as it seems since she was previously scammed out of $7,240 by another person online who was selling mattresses, her husband revealed.
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