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Japanese scientists develop radical new vaccine that could prevent future coronavirus pandemics

coronavirus vaccine

Japanese scientists have developed a vaccine that successfully stopped five different types of coronaviruses, including COVID-19. 

Stopping the source: The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, looked at ways to halt future pandemics by vaccinating against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-related) coronaviruses, a species of viruses consisting of many known strains.

6 things parents can do to keep students safe from COVID-19

Kids all over California have returned to school, but in a time where COVID-19 or the delta variant is on every parent’s mind, what can be done to get the peace of mind that their children are safe in the classroom?

California state officials have taken some of the most progressive steps in the country to ensure that schools open up safely and take every measure to protect staff and students. The state has set aside $25 billion for schools to upgrade classroom ventilation, hire more teachers and staff, provide COVID-19 testing, mental health resources and more.

7 places and activities in California that will soon require COVID vaccination

Since our world was rocked by the outbreak of the pandemic, one thing is clear – we have a new normal ahead of us.

Especially with the risk of the more recent Delta variant (and others that may follow) looming on the horizon, it’s only becoming more important and necessary to get vaccinated in California, whether it’s for your own personal safety or to protect those around you.

Border Patrol officers seize over 3,000 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in Tennessee

COVID-19 fake vaccination cards are being distributed

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPOs) have reportedly seized thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards from China at the port of Memphis, Tenn. 

Contraband: Suspicious shipments originating from Shenzhen, China, with recipients across the country, were found to contain fake vaccination cards with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) logo on them, the agency revealed in a press release

Yo-Yo Ma Gives Impromptu Concert After Getting Second Vaccine Dose in Massachusetts

Yo-Yo Ma

World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma gave a surprise concert at the Berkshire Community College during an observation period after receiving his second dose of COVID-19 vaccine over the weekend.

The 65-year-old musician was waiting at the vaccination site for his 15-minute observation period on Saturday when he decided to “give something back,” Richard Hall of the Berkshire COVID-19 Vaccine Collaborative told The Berkshire Eagle.

Creator of Free Website for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Uses Platform to Raise Anti-Asian Hate Awareness


After creating a website that helps New Yorkers find COVID-19 vaccines, a software developer is using his new platform to take a stand against anti-Asian hate. 

What is TurboVax: Last month, Huge Ma launched TurboVax, a website that “finds appointments from 53 city and state-run vaccine sites in the NYC area.” TurboVax makes it easier for New York City residents to locate available vaccines and also book vaccine appointments, according to ABC News.