Indian doctor’s adorable approach to giving baby injections goes viral

Indian doctor’s adorable approach to giving baby injections goes viral
Ryan General
July 18, 2023
A pediatrician in India has become an internet sensation for his heartwarming approach to giving injections to infants.
The singing doc: Dr. Imran S. Patel, who works at the Asian Children’s Hospital in Ahmedabad, has gone viral for singing rhymes to his baby patients while administering their shots. 
In one of the videos uploaded on his verified Instagram account, Dr. Patel can be seen singing the popular rhyme “Meethu Meethu” while playing with the infants with a soft toy attached to his stethoscope. He elicits smiles from his captivated patients and distracts them from the pain of the needle. 
Winning hearts online: The video, which has so far garnered over 5.4 million views as of this writing, has received an outpouring of praise and admiration from viewers.
“A doctor with a beautiful heart,” a commenter wrote.
“What a good doctor,” another chimed in. “We need more people like this.”
“I have two kids,” commented another. “It is an emotional moment for me many times while vaccination.. I need such doctors.. Kindly motivate other doctors too.”
Keeping it light and fun: Dr. Patel, who boasts a dedicated following of over 255,000 followers on Instagram, implements other fun ways to entertain his little patients during sessions.
In some videos, he can be seen using stuffed animals to play with them.
In other videos, he can be seen improvising with his hands to keep them smiling.
He also remains persistent and engaged when his antics don’t work at times.
In 2020, an Indian eyes, nose and throat surgeon went viral on Twitter after dancing for patients with COVID-19. Dr. Arup Senapati, from Silchar Medical College, can be seen in the video moving to the beat while wearing a complete set of personal protective equipment.
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