7 places and activities in California that will soon require COVID vaccination

7 places and activities in California that will soon require COVID vaccination
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September 2, 2021
Since our world was rocked by the outbreak of the pandemic, one thing is clear – we have a new normal ahead of us.
Especially with the risk of the more recent Delta variant (and others that may follow) looming on the horizon, it’s only becoming more important and necessary to get vaccinated in California, whether it’s for your own personal safety or to protect those around you.
In the beginning of August, the California Department of Public Health revealed that the number of COVID cases in the state increased by nine times over the last two months, largely in part because of the new Delta variant, already the most common variant in the state. The department also cited recent data suggesting that the highly transmissible Delta variant’s viral load on the body is 1000 times higher than the original coronavirus strain, sounding alarms over it’s danger and shining a spotlight on the best way we have right now stop its circulation – getting vaccinated.
California may soon be implementing the strictest vaccination requirements in the nation, sending a clear message that the only way to participate in this new world of ours is by getting the vaccine. 
Here’s the short but important list of places and activities that will soon require you to be vaccinated:

1. Going to restaurants

Being able to eat out was one of the most essential activities in the return to normalcy post-lockdown. Now, showing proof you have been fully vaccinated will soon be a part of that normal. 
On August 20, San Francisco will be the first major U.S. city to require proof of full vaccination to enter restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses, according to Mercury News. Other major cities in California are expected to follow suit.

2. Shopping in stores

Unsurprisingly, being able to shop at retail stores will also soon require proof of vaccination.
On August 11, the Los Angeles city council unanimously passed a motion to draft plans requiring proof of at least one shot to enter retail stores as well as other places of business like bars, restaurants, spas and movie theaters, according to Forbes. The move follows similar plans implemented in New York City and those being considered in other major U.S. cities.

3. Concerts and sports events

Starting September 20, California will become the first state to require proof of COVID vaccination or a negative test for indoor events of more than 1,000 attendees like concerts, sports games and parades, according to KTLA. Negative tests must be taken 72 hours prior to the event and vaccinated attendees must show a vaccine card, QR code or a photo of their vaccine card. On August 18, San Jose unveiled plans to require proof of vaccination for events at city-owned venues of 50 people or more with no option for a negative COVID test.

4. Hitting the gym

Physical fitness plays an essential part in helping the body shrug off most illnesses, and come August 20 will also require proof of vaccination in California cities. Gyms, museums, and any other place considered entertainment will require proof of full vaccination in the city of San Francisco with Los Angeles following not far behind, according to Mercury News.

5. Going to work

Towards the beginning of August, California became the first state in the nation to require all healthcare and education workers to be vaccinated. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Long Beach now require city employees to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. Major corporations like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber and Lyft either require or will soon require mandatory vaccination policies for employees returning to the office, according to the California Governor’s office. Other California employers can and may follow suit, according to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

6. Going to school

By November 19, the Culver City Unified School District announced that all students K-12 must be vaccinated in what may be the first among school districts in California. Teachers, school staff and school volunteers are already required to be vaccinated or take weekly COVID tests. 

7. Traveling

Of course, there’s always life outside of California – what about traveling? Proof of approved vaccination or at least a recent negative COVID test is already required in a mounting number of travel destinations like EU countries or the UK. Without a doubt, if you are planning on taking a vacation abroad, it will absolutely be easier if you are fully vaccinated.
Schedule your appointment to get vaccinated at VaccinateALL58.com (available in multiple languages) or by calling (833) 422-4255. It’s free, it’s safe, and it’s the best shot you can get to protect yourself from the Delta variant. 
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