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Father devastated after son dies in NYC shootout while working new job as Uber driver

Uber driver gets killed

A father has blamed the violence in New York City for the death of his Uber driver son, who was shot in the head during a shoot-out in Harlem last weekend.

What happened: Kuldip Singh, 21, was hit by a stray bullet during a shoot-out in the vicinity of West 131st Street and Eighth Avenue on Saturday, according to ABC7 New York. A 15-year-old boy was also critically injured.

Uber Gets Sued for Allegedly Firing Minority Drivers Because of ‘Racist’ Passengers


A former Uber driver is suing the company for its rating system that he claims can be influenced by customers who base their judgment on the color of a driver’s skin. 

Prone to bias: In the complaint filed by Thomas Liu on Monday, he alleged that Uber Technologies Inc. violated the U.S. Civil Rights Act for firing minority drivers based on low ratings given by racist and biased passengers, Fortune reported.

Uber Passenger in France Claims Driver Refused to Pick Them Up Because of Coronavirus


A resident of France was left in shock after a message from an Uber driver saying they wouldn’t take Asians as customers because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was shared online.

The Instagram post, which has since been deleted, reportedly shows notification from an Uber driver, which read in French: “Hello as a safety measure children are prohibited from car seats due to the coronavirus Asian customers cannot be taken care of.”

Lyft and Uber Drivers Accused of Refusing Asian Riders Because of Coronavirus Fear

The coronavirus outbreak has apparently made people more brazen in their discrimination against people of Asian descent as Lyft and Uber passengers are reportedly being treated unfairly by racist drivers.

In recent weeks, a growing number of drivers from the ride-sharing platforms are reportedly using the novel coronavirus as an excuse to refuse Asian passengers, reports CNBC.