Man Drinks From Water Bottle in ‘Chinese Uber’ Car, But It’s Not Water

Man Drinks From Water Bottle in ‘Chinese Uber’ Car, But It’s Not WaterMan Drinks From Water Bottle in ‘Chinese Uber’ Car, But It’s Not Water
A passenger who was riding DiDi Chuxing, a Chinese ride-share service, mistook a bottle of the driver’s urine as a free, on-board beverage.
The passenger, identified only by his surnamed Sun, said he was thirsty so he grabbed a water bottle from a drink holder in the vehicle’s center console, Shanghaiist reports. 
As someone who had previously used DiDi’s premier service before, Sun knew that passengers are sometimes provided with some amenities such as beverages during their ride.
However, after just one gulp, he quickly realized that he did not just drink water. According to Sun, he knew immediately that he just took a sip of urine. 

Fearing the loss of his job, the driver reportedly begged Sun not to file a complaint against him and offered money to settle the matter privately.

Sun declined the offer and reported the incident to DiDi, which released a public apology in response. 
DiDi explained that the driver was unable to find a restroom and resorted to peeing in a water bottle inside his vehicle. The driver then placed the bottle carelessly back into the drink holder.
“We apologize for this unfortunate incident as well, and are taking both passenger and driver for physical check-ups,” the statement read. “The driver has been suspended from service. A Toilet Locator is built in DiDi’s driver app (as shown in the screenshot) and every day over 30 thousand drivers use it. We will continue to upgrade and expand the Locator with help from our passengers and partners.”
It was not revealed whether Sun was given any monetary compensation for his unfortunate pee-drinking incident.
Featured Image via YouTube/ Netizen Watch
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