Meet the Filipina Woman Known as the ‘World’s Hottest Uber Driver’

Meet the Filipina Woman Known as the ‘World’s Hottest Uber Driver’
Ryan General
May 10, 2017
In Metro Manila, a region in the Philippines known for its horrible traffic, at least one driver is making traveling a bit more tolerable for the commuters.
Joyce Tadeo became a social media darling soon after she quit her job as a medical rep in a pharmaceutical company and began driving for Uber in October last year. When not behind the wheel, Tadeo says she is usually in her class, studying dressmaking.
Her passengers, who were captivated by her looks and impressed by her guts as she kills it in a male-dominated industry, often ask for photos with her and later share those pictures of her driving online.
Images of the gorgeous 27-year-old psychology graduate started going viral on social media and news platforms began covering her story.  
“I love the attention and the feeling of being liked. I’m happy to have pictures with passengers and I’m genuinely flattered by the compliments,” she told The Sun.
“There are a lot of guys who want my number but I just smile and laugh it off. I haven’t tried dating any because there are strict rules about drivers and passengers.”
In an interview with NextShark, Tadeo revealed that driving for Uber is not always fun and games. She also had her share of “horror stories” on the road.
“I’ve encountered some rude passengers too,” she shared. “I’ve had passengers who get away without paying since Uber here in the Philippines has a cash basis mode of payment.”
“There are passengers who treat me as if I’m their personal driver, who come across as too demanding.”
She stressed however that despite those experiences, she is willing to continue driving for Uber because of the amount of money she currently makes and the popularity her new gig has brought her. In fact, her newfound fame also helped in getting traffic to her online selling business.
“Aside from Uber driving, I also do online selling. Since I became popular, more clients noticed the products that I’m selling,” she said. “I get more clients for my business now, which is very beneficial for me.”
Aside from the new opportunities opening up, Tadeo explained that her lifestyle has not changed.
“I’ve got a lot of modeling/acting offers. But as of now, I haven’t signed any contract yet,” she said.
Right now, the Filipina queen of the road is focused on building her future business.
“I’m really business-minded. I take my dressmaking classes after driving so that in the future, I can launch my own boutique.”
Tadeo further stated that after she is finished with her classes, she will then launch her own clothing line with an accompanying online store.  
“It would be named after me: Joyce Tadeo Quick Custom and RTW.”
For updates about the heartthrob behind the wheel and budding entrepreneur, be sure to follow her via her Instagram account.
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