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Kindhearted Cab Driver Offers Free Ride to Send Off Late Actor Aloysius Pang

A kind cab driver from Singapore touched friends and fans of the late actor Aloysius Pang for offering free rides to and from the cr‌em‌atorium to send off the actor’s ashes.

On Tuesday, January 29, TV host and actress, Belinda Lee shared the heartwarming moment on her Instagram along with a picture of the cast of 2015 drama series, “Tiger Mum” starring Pang, along with Lee and Jayley Woo, according to AsiaOne.

Taxi Driver in China Returns $958 Taxi Fare to American Tourist Who Overpaid on WeChat

A taxi driver from Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, China is earning praise online after he returned a large fare to a Chinese-American tourist who overpaid using a mobile payment app on Monday.

The driver, identified as Zhang Peng, was checking his WeChat Wallet and noticed that one of his passengers paid him 6,500 yuan ($958) when the fare should have only been around 65 yuan ($9.58), according to Chinese Business Gazette via South China Morning Post.

Baby Born Inside Taxi Gets Free Rides From Grab For Life

A baby in Malaysia was born inside a taxi from ride hailing service GrabTaxi which now entitles him to unlimited free cab rides for the rest of his life. While being born outside a hospital is quite risky in itself, one can’t argue the perks that come in being born in unconventional places.

This is the unusual occurrence that happened when Grab driver Nesamani Raju picked up a pregnant passenger who was heading to Sentul Medical Centre. What the 45-year-old driver didn’t expect is that the pregnant passenger would end up delivering her baby before they could even reach the hospital on time.