Pretty Woman Violently Attacks Taxi Driver After Refusing to Pay Fare in Singapore

Pretty Woman Violently Attacks Taxi Driver After Refusing to Pay Fare in Singapore
King Malleta
By King Malleta
December 9, 2016
Two videos from Singapore went viral on Facebook showing a pretty Asian woman displaying the foulest of attitudes.
According to Asian One, one video shows a woman aggressively hitting and cursing at a taxi driver while another shows her kicking a female security guard after she declined to pay her cab fare.
The woman, who is believed to be from Hong Kong, can be seen attacking a taxi driver after he refused to let her go. The taxi driver held on to the woman’s bag for fear that she would try to escape.
At first, the woman is seen tugging her bag and trying to get rid of the taxi driver. When the cab driver refused to let her go, she started hitting and verbally abusing him. The woman can be heard saying, “I have a lot of money!” and even challenged the driver to call the police.
In the second video that was posted, the same woman can be seen kicking a female security guard in the groin when she attempted to intervene the brawl.
Another worker stepped in and held onto the woman’s hand in order to prevent any physical fight from exploding. Although she was kicked and hit, the brave guard held on to the Asian woman while she continued to taunt and blast vulgarities.
At the end of the video, the lady security guard showed her hand that was scratched and bloodied from the quarrel. It is currently unknown whether authorities became involved in the situation or how it was eventually resolved.
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