‘Sleepy’ Taxi Driver in Thailand Asks Passenger to Take The Wheel For The Rest of The Trip

‘Sleepy’ Taxi Driver in Thailand Asks Passenger to Take The Wheel For The Rest of The Trip
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 24, 2018
A taxi cab passenger suddenly became the driver in Thailand after a peculiar encounter with a cabbie who claimed to be “too sleepy” to drive for him.
According to Thai passenger Santiphap Khunchanmee, he was forced to get behind the wheel of a cab when his driver decided to take a nap during a red light.
Santiphap shared images of his unusual experience in a Facebook post on Tuesday in which he wrote about this “whole new dimension to riding in a taxi.”
image via Facebook/Santiphap Khunchanmee
The conversation between the passenger and the cabbie reportedly went something like this:
Driver: “Bro, I can’t go on anymore. I’m too sleepy. Let me park and take a little nap during this red light.”
Confused, Santiphap responded with a polite (or sarcastic?) “Should I drive?”
The shameless driver then managed this retort: “I was hoping you’d offer.”
image via Facebook/Santiphap Khunchanmee
Without much of a choice, Santiphap drove himself to his destination but for some inexplicable reason, was still charged the full fare of 300 Thailand baht ($9).
image via Facebook/Santiphap Khunchanmee
The post soon became widely shared, gaining over a million views, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in a few days.
While the incident may seem so random that, it’s not actually the first of its kind in Thailand as another man posted his own selfie with another taxi driver dozing off while on duty.
image via Facebook/Santiphap Khunchanmee
Feature Image via Facebook/Santiphap Khunchanmee
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