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NYC has its first female and Asian chief of subway car maintenance

subway head in New York

Siu Ling Ko, a 34-year veteran of New York City Transit’s (NYCT) Department of Subway Car Equipment, will now head the department as vice president and chief mechanical officer, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced on Sunday.

Why this matters: Ko is the first-ever woman to hold the role at MTA, which remains overwhelmingly male at the rank-and-file and leadership levels. Current records show that of its 69,639 employees, only 12,513 — or 18% — are women.

Man’s Face Slashed After NYC Subway Argument, Police Search for Suspect

A 61-year-old man was on his way to work on the L subway train when he got into a dispute with another man and was slashed across the face on Wednesday morning.

What happened: Noel Quintana claimed the man was kicking his backpack during the commute, according to ABC7. When Quintana asked him to stop, the man attacked him and ran away when the train stopped at First Avenue and 14th Street.

Awkwafina is Now the NYC Subway Train Voice in Queens


Golden Globe winner Nora Lum, also known as Awkwafina, has taken over conductor announcement duties on the New York City subway’s No. 7 train. 

Awkwafina recently lent her voice to the passenger messaging service of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as part of a promotional campaign for her upcoming semi-autobiographical sitcom “Nora From Queens,” which will premiere on Comedy Central on Jan. 22. 

Man Thrown Off Train in China After Refusing to Leave Seat or Show Ticket

china train

A clip has gone viral on Chinese social media showing train station officers dragging off a foreigner who allegedly stole two seats and refused to move.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident happened on a train that was making a 2,401 kilometers trip from Shanghai to Xining, the capital of Qinghai province on Sunday. The foreigner, reportedly a Ghanian citizen, occupied two of the seats on the train.

Chinese Netizens Outraged After White Woman Isn’t Fined for Eating on Subway

chinese subway

A Caucasian woman who was allowed to eat on a Chinese subway while a local man was fined for drinking a beverage on the same train has netizens speaking out against “foreigner privilege.” 

Weibo user spongepiepy uploaded a video on July 10, claiming that officers in Nanjing Metro, Jiangsu province “selectively enforced” the law against eating on trains. 

Woman Involved in R‌aci‌st Subway Ra‌m‌pag‌e in NYC Claims She Was De‌fe‌ndi‌ng Herself

Anna Lushchinskaya, the woman who was caught on camera vio‌len‌tly at‌ta‌c‌k‌in‌g another passenger inside a New York City subway train, is now saying she’s not at fault and was merely defending herself.

Lushchinskaya, a 40-year-old lawyer, was filmed c‌urs‌ing, sl‌appi‌ng and then swinging her umbrella at an Asian woman during rush hour at 7:45 a.m. back in December.

Foreigner Tries to Break Up Fi‌g‌h‌t Inside Chinese Subway While Everyone Watches

A foreign man was recently captured on video trying to break up a f‌ig‌h‌t inside a subway station in China while passersby stood and watched the men tussled.

The incident happened last Wednesday, Oct. 10 on a Line 9 train at the Xujiahui Station of the Shanghai Metro, according to Shanghaiist. Two men can be seen exchanging blows to the face while inside a docked train at the subway station.

Police Now Looking for Man Who Shoved Asian American Onto Subway Tracks in NYC

The New York Police Department is now searching for the suspect behind the shoving of an Asian man onto the subway track at Grand Central 42nd Street station on Monday.

🚨WANTED🚨Help us identify individual below wanted for an assault at Grand Central Station on 7/30/18. He’s a black male, approx 27-28 years old, thin build and approx 5’8. Contact 1-800-578-TIPS. #NYPDProtecting

Korean Woman Spat On and Attacked with Hate Speech on Brooklyn Subway

A Korean woman was verbally assaulted with hate speech and spat on while riding the subway in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. 

Seulji Lee detailed the racist encounter in a Facebook post along with a video and photo of the attacker. Lee decided to share her story and said, “I’m sharing this video, pic and the story since I hope this kind of racism or hate crime are never going to happen to anyone again.”