Asian woman filmed yelling N-word on NYC subway; netizens call for violence

Asian woman filmed yelling N-word on NYC subway; netizens call for violenceAsian woman filmed yelling N-word on NYC subway; netizens call for violence
Carl Samson
October 24, 2022
Several social media users have called for violence against an Asian woman who was filmed yelling the N-word on the New York City subway sometime last week.
In a now-viral video on Instagram, the woman, who has blond hair, can be seen standing on the train and spewing racist remarks at a person she refers to as “b-boy,” who is not caught in the frame.
“That’s ‘cause you act like a n*gger, b-boy!” the woman yells. “Alright? You act like a n*gger, b-boy.”
It was not immediately clear what started the incident, which appeared to unfold as the train approached 14th Street-Union Square station. According to the woman, she had told the target of her verbal tirade to keep their distance.
“I said to stay the f*ck away from me,” the woman screams. “I said it!”
A man then approaches the woman in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. He asks her to “lower your voice,” but the latter snaps back.
“I wasn’t talking to you, alright? Shut the f*ck up,” the woman yells.
Another clip of the incident shows the woman calling someone a “f*cking black vagina.” Like the previous clip, the video does not show whom she was talking to.
“F*cking black vagina! You’re a black c*nt vagina,” the woman says. “That is all you are, and that is all you will ever be. And you know this…”
Instagram page @ragers_united, which posted the original clip, captioned the video: “Lady on train starts making racist comments to passengers.” It was not immediately clear how many passengers were allegedly targeted by the woman.
The recordings of the incident immediately sparked online outrage. Many condemned the woman for her racist language, with at least one Instagram user “revoking” her “Asian card.”
“We are formally revoking her Asian card. Racism is not OK, by anyone, anywhere,” the user wrote.
However, some questioned why the woman was not met with violence, while others called for retaliation.
Meanwhile, some resorted to mocking the Stop Asian Hate movement and calling the woman racial slurs themselves.
Featured Image via @ragers_united
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