‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Actor Kang Tae Oh stars in viral Subway commercial

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Actor Kang Tae Oh stars in viral Subway commercial
Daniel Anderson
September 2, 2022
Actor Kang Tae-oh from the K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has gone viral for a Subway commercial in which he utters his iconic line from the show. 
Kang plays the paralegal Lee Jun-ho and serves as the love interest opposite the show’s protagonist, Woo Young-woo. In one scene between the pair, Woo asks Lee if she can touch him to confirm her feelings about him. 
Lee replies, “Do you have to touch me to be sure? Then does that mean your heart doesn’t beat faster when we aren’t touching? Even when we are together? How disappointing.” 

“How disappointing” has become a staple line of the drama. In Korean, the line is “Sub-sub han daeyo,” with “Sub-sub” translating to disappointing.
After the scene, many fans wanted to see Kang collaborate with the sandwich franchise Subway. On Aug. 31, Subway uploaded a short commercial on their YouTube channel starring Kang as multiple characters, including Lee Jun Ho, who says his iconic “How disappointing” line. 

In less than a day, the video hit 200,000 views.
“This is high-quality acting in a commercial. Kang tae oh needs to be in more films, he looks like a different person every time!” the most-liked comment reads.
Another viewer commented: ‘This Subway commercial is really amazing. The storyline is entertaining and Tae Oh’s looks and face is just as great. I can watch this again and again. Where does Kang Tae Oh’s charm end … wow… There is nothing he can’t do. Now that he has to go to the army, the fans are sad, but be safe and we’ll be waiting for you to come back.”
As the latter comment pointed out, Kang’s fans will have to wait at least two years for Kang’s return to acting as he recently announced his mandatory military enlistment day as Sept. 20.
Feature Image via Subway
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