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John Sculley Reveals How Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Completely Changed His Views on Business

John Sculley is the former CEO of Apple Computers who was hired by Steve Jobs in 1983. He’s best known as the man who ousted Steve Jobs From Apple in 1985. From there up until Jobs’ death, both men never repaired their relationship.

While Sculley at the time was hired for his experience, it appears that he was able to learn a few things from two young and rising tech titans at the time. He told Quarts in a newly released interview:

21 Years Ago, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison Went on a Hike That Changed How Larry Saw Money

Earlier today, Oracle co-founder and billionaire Larry Ellison gave a commencement speech at the University of Southern California. At one point during his speech, he told an interesting story about him and the late Steve Jobs.

In 1995, Ellison and Jobs went on a hike in Castle Rock State Park. “If there was something that Steve wanted to talk about, and there always was, we’d go for a walk,” he said.

Banksy Tackles the Syrian Migrant Crisis in One Powerful Image

Banksy, the iconic activist graffiti artist, unveiled his own take on the Syrian migrant crisis with the image of one of the most iconic men in history.

The child who would grow up to become Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali on February 24, 1955. Schieble met Jandali when he was studying in America. The two went to Syria where Schieble became pregnant and soon after left to San Francisco where she would give birth to the baby and put it up for adoption.

Meet the Man Who Did LSD With Steve Jobs in College

Daniel Kottke was once a good friend of Steve Jobs. In college, the two friends experimented with LSD together, but as one of Apple’s earliest employees, Kottke’s friendship with Jobs crumbled when the tech visionary refused to give his friend any stock in the company.

In the early years when they were students at Reed College, Kottke and Jobs became good friends after discovering they both had read “Be Here Now,” a book about psychedelics and spirituality. They hung out and traveled together while regularly experimenting with LSD. Back then, they were just young college kids having fun and discovering who they were.

Steve Jobs Cut A Friend Out of His Life After He Accidentally Revealed a Personal Secret

David Kottke, an early Apple employee and college friend who used to drop acid with Steve Jobs, once had a thriving friendship with the iconic Apple founder until he accidently revealed a personal secret to the press that Jobs wished would stay in the closet.

Kottke worked in the garage that Apple started in as a technician testing circuit boards.  At the time, he was also living with Jobs and his then-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan, the woman who would later become the mother of Job’s first daughter.

Tim Cook Got Bashed With Apple’s Ugliest Truth After Dissing New Steve Jobs Movie

“Steve Jobs,” the upcoming biopic on the late Apple co-founder, is causing tension between Apple CEO Tim Cook and screen writer Aaron Sorkin, the movie’s screenplay writer.

Cook recently asserted that filmmakers are being overtly “opportunistic” creating films based on the life of Jobs while appearing on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Meet the Woman Who Won Awards for Standing Up to Steve Jobs

Joanna Hoffman, then Apple’s international marketing manager, once told Steve Job’s assistant, “I am going to take a knife and stab it into his heart,” after he changed her marketing projections to “reality distorting” levels. The woman who was not afraid to stand up to Apple Inc.’s co-founder even won an annual award from her colleagues for her fearlessness of Jobs during the same year, 1981, and then again in 1982.

Her colleague Debi Coleman, who joined the Mac team in 1982, recalled:

Artist Beautifully Reimagines Celebrities and Their Younger Selves

A talented Colombian artist known for his funny caricatures of obese soccer players created a series of illustrations of celebrities standing next to their younger selves.

The artist, Fulvio Obregon, or Fulaleo, titled his project “Yo & Mi Otro Yo” or “Me & My Other Me.” The series was inspired by an advertisement that depicted a woman next to her younger self.

One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up Why We Need to Care About What’s Happening in Syria

Tech entrepreneur and designer David Galbraith from Geneva, Switzerland,  tweeted out an iconic photograph of Steve Jobs and the caption: “A Syrian migrants’ child.”

His message: Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was the son of a Syrian father who moved to the United States in the 1950s. According to the Chicago Tribune, Galbraith sent the tweet following the world outcry toward a photograph of a 3-year-old boy’s body washed ashore on a Turkish beach this week.