Why Ashton Kutcher Thinks Banning Kids From Technology is Dumb

Why Ashton Kutcher Thinks Banning Kids From Technology is Dumb
Laura Dang
April 11, 2016
Some parents ban their children from watching television and limit their access to other forms of technology. Surprisingly enough, even Steve Jobs didn’t allow his own kids to have iPads.
On the other hand, there are parents who are willing to buy their kids every new successive Apple product on the market.
Questions about the kind of relationships children should be having with technology in today’s  progressively advanced world are asked by many parents including actor and investor Ashton Kutcher.
When asked if he limits his daughter’s interaction with technology, Kutcher explained his parenting strategy to CNN Money. Going off the advice of a neurologist, Kutcher made sure to reduce the screen time during the first 18 months of his child’s life. The actor explained that the hyper fast moving images affect the neurological development of a young child’s brain.
However, Kutcher, who is also a big fan of Jobs, continued:
“I think that once your kid starts to show proclivity towards technology and screens, it’s an important thing to nurture. I think the mistake people make is handing a tool off to your kid and going okay go play with the tool and I’ll see you in 30 min. That’s not my tact.
“If my daughter is going to want to play with technology, I’m going to sit down next to her and we’re going to talk about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and what it’s doing. I think eliminating the tool of technology from kids is one of the dumbest things a person can do.”
Kutcher elaborated that taking the effort to cultivate and nurture a child’s understanding of technology makes it a very valuable asset. He added:
“If you just hand them this weapon and go all right go play with the gun. I wouldn’t do that. I look at technology, especially in the next ten years, as something that could be dangerous or really useful.
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