Why This Chinese Company Idolizes a Golden Bust of Steve Jobs

Why This Chinese Company Idolizes a Golden Bust of Steve Jobs
Riley Schatzle
July 13, 2015
Just about the entire planet has been impacted in some way by Steve Jobs, but for some, his influence is seen as so outsized that they go to ridiculous lengths to idolize the Apple co-founder.
A company based out of Shanghai, China created a golden bust of Jobs to greet their employees every morning when they walk into work.
Although the statue represents the austerity and brilliance of Jobs, the meticulous accuracy of the bust approaches the borderline of creepy.
Jobs was a man of many character traits; in most of his interviews, Jobs was seen as happy and lighthearted, but the Shanghai company aimed for a different look. They constructed their golden Jobs bust to portray the discerning, focused and domineering side of Jobs.
The Chinese reporters who covered the story said the company intends on generating hope within the workplace. They said it It should be taken as inspiration to become more like Jobs and to strive for his insistence on finding the best way to do something.
Media outlets reporting on the Jobs statue have omitted the name of the Shanghai company, but their images show the logo of mobile game maker Wujitianxia.
Source: Quartz
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