Steve Jobs’ Old 1995 BMW Convertible is For Sale on Craigslist for $11,000

For a mere $11,000, you can purchase a used white 1995 BMW 325i convertible with 138,000 miles on it on Craigslist.
Jobs owned the convertible between 1995 to 1996 after he had left Apple to work on Next. According to the DMV papers, the title was under his wife’s name.
The actual value of the car, according to Kelley Blue Book, is actually just $2,347, but current owner Julius Winegar of Mountain View, California, hopes one Apple superfan will buy the car for $11,000. Winegar told SFGate:
“There’s no way I’m going to try to sneak the price by someone. It’s pretty obvious the price is high. But that’s the price I’d be willing to give the car up for. I’d really like someone who’s a Steve Jobs fan and a collector to buy it.”
Winegar purchased the car earlier this year for $3,500 from the car’s second owner and put in an additional $3,500 in upgrades that include Bavsound speakers, new shocks, struts and tires. According to the car’s listing on Instamotor, the BMW convertible features all-leather upholstery, heated seats and, of course, a USB port to charge iPhones.
Winegar is reportedly open to trading “art, jewelry or watches” for the car. He said of the car:
“It’s a great car to drive. Very smooth. And my daughter will be happy if I keep it as she started crying when I said I wanted to sell it.”
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