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Japan’s Miss World Candidate is a Direct Descendant of 1600s Samurai Lord ‘One-Eyed Dragon’

kanako date

Kanako Date, Japan’s representative for the Miss World beauty pageant, is apparently a direct descendant of a samurai lord that reigned over part of Japan during the 17th century.

The samurai lord, Date Masamune, ruled over what is known today as Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture, according to SoraNews24. He earned the nickname “One-Eyed Dragon” after losing one of his eyes from smallpox as a kid.

New Japanese ‘Samurai’ Robes for the Winter are the Most Stylish Way to Stay Warm


A new line of Japanese “samurai” robes from fashion brand Trove, inspired by what the samurais used to wear, will help people in Japan stay cool and warm during the country’s ever-changing fall and winter weather.

In this new line of clothing, Trove introduced a wool haori half-coat that makes everyone who wears it feel like a cool samurai. There are two colors to choose from, according to Youpouch as translated by SoraNews 24. One is in a dark brown variant.

White Guy Playing the Flute in Samurai Clothes Causes Major Side-Eye at E3

With its gorgeous visuals and intriguing premise, the upcoming samurai game “Ghost of Tsushima” was undeniably one of the scene-stealers at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The presentation wowed the audience at the Sony E3 2018 press conference on Monday with its vibrant world that was brought to life with realistic sound, lighting, and weather effects.

Two Samurais Fighting With Katanas in Mid-Air Using Jetpacks is All You Need Today

Japanese videographer, actor, and inventor Shota Mori has once again proved that nothing is impossible, including flying samurai battles.

In the latest video he made for the Japanese company SoftBank as part of its SoftBank Smartphone Junior High School series of videos, he strapped jetpacks to samurai and made them fight. Apparently, this has a connection to academia — particularly science and technology — according to SoraNews24.

Samurai Clothes Designed For Modern Fashion is What You Need in Your Wardrobe RIGHT NOW

A Japanese fashion brand has unveiled a new unisex collection that lets anyone dress like a cool samurai warrior.

Trove has created awesome samurai-inspired wardrobe in recent years such as the popular Wa Robe line, which mixes robe-like clothing with traditional Japanese styles. Being its first unisex range, Trove’s latest creation for the spring season has a lot to offer to its fans, reports SoraNews24.

Japan Has a Show About a Samurai Who Teams Up With A Cat Too Adorable to Kill

neko zamurai

Redditors have recently uncovered the greatest show of all time: “Neko Zamurai”.

The show follows a samurai named Madarame Kyutaro, aka Madara the Devil, who’s been ordered to kill a cat named Tomanojo, as it’s been said the kitty is possessing another man’s soul. Naturally, the keen swordsman sets out to defeat his foe, but when he lays eyes on him, he realizes he can’t go through with it, as the cat is just too adorable to kill. So, the pair team up and decide to take down those who held ill will against the fuzzy feline.