Japanese Feudal-Era Satchels Are The Ultimate Accessories For Samurai Fans

A Japanese novelty goods store has unveiled some badass bags and smartphone pouches that match well with the samurai-inspired coats and pants sold by Trove.
Village Vanguard, the same shop which introduced us to ramen-flavored baths, is now selling accessories from Japanese company Gyoku for a complete feudal-era getup. Using the similar traditional warrior fashion motif, Gyoku has created a lineup of cool-looking bags and pouches with stitched plates usually found on traditional samurai armor, according to RocketNews24.
Retailing for 15,444 yen (US$150) per smartphone pouch, channeling one’s inner bushido persona certainly does not come cheap. But it does give any outfit some eye-catching detail. The phone bags are available in either black or red leather plates sewn together by some blue thread.
Even larger smartphones would fit well in the underside of the pouch. The pocket’s worn, antique look is complimented by its dark brown leather material.
The bags come with a couple of leather belt straps that can be adjusted or removed depending on how one prefers to wear the bag, either by slinging it over the shoulder or simply letting it hang by the side.
Gyoku also has belts made with buffalo leather that are sure to enhance the warrior look. Priced at  6,534 yen ($63) each, the belts are woven with materials used to line traditional tatami straw mat floors.
Above all the mentioned pieces, a gorgeous leather satchel, priced at 33,264 Yen ($323), stands out as the collection’s ultimate accessory. Modern samurai warriors can fashionably wear it as a shoulder bag or a waist pouch.
The entire collection has proved to be a massive hit in Japan that Village Vanguard’s online store has completely sold out its stocks in just a few days. Gyoku’s own online store, however, still has some smartphone pouches in stock, while online store Wanokaze has some belts left in their inventory.
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