Common Cast as Lead Character in ‘Black Samurai’ Series on Starz

Common Cast as Lead Character in ‘Black Samurai’ Series on StarzCommon Cast as Lead Character in ‘Black Samurai’ Series on Starz
Hip-hop star Common will be part of the new Starz series “Black Samurai”, an action-drama show that will feature “exceptional storytelling.”
Media distributor Starz will be re-imaging the same film but as an action-packed series starring Common as army ranger Robert Sand. According to Variety, “CSI” producer Jerry Bruckheimer, producer Andre Gaines, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and even Common himself will all be part of the series’ production team.
Bruckheimer teased that the upcoming “Black Samurai” series will breath new life to the classic novel by introducing “cutting-edge artistry, music and imagery.” “Suicide Squad” actor Common revealed that he’s “beyond excited” in taking on the role of a highly-trained army ranger samurai.
“This is a unique and special project that offers something rarely seen in art and culture today,” Common added. Starz president Carmi Zlotnik hinted that the series is going to be “an action-packed ride” featuring a hero who’s “part Jason Bourne, part James Bond.”
What’s more interesting is that the Cormac and Marianne Wibberley will both be writing for the series. Both writers are accustomed to writing action-adventure films such as “National Treasure” and “Bad Boys 2” so it will be interesting to see how the Wibberleys can translate their writing prowess to “Black Samurai.”
“Black Samurai” tells the story of a tough army ranger who becomes a samurai after training under a legendary Japanese master. The protagonist’s life changes after his master is killed which sets him off to a journey of self-discovery as well as that of vengeance.
Marc Olden’s novel features a hero who becomes another addition to the growing multicultural samurai tropes in pop-culture. “Black Samurai” hero Robert Sand joins other popular samurai-wielding African-American characters such as Afro from “Afro Samurai” and Michonne from “The Walking Dead”.
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