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Andrew Yang Accused of Using Bike Ride for Daunte Wright as ‘PR Stunt’ in NYC

New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was heckled by a crowd of protestors after he attempted to join a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Tuesday. 

Today we ride to honor the life of a young black man, Daunte Wright, who was taken by a racist system that does not care about people of color. #DanteWright #blacklivesmatter #dismantlewhitesupremacy #defundthepolice #nyc #bikeride

Rihanna Secretly Attends #StopAsianHate Rally in NYC

Rihanna took to the streets of New York City this past weekend with her assistant to protest the surge of violence against the Asian community.

Visualized in a series of posts by her assistant Tina Truong, whom she attended the Sunday march with, the Fenty founder could be seen wearing mostly all black, with long locks, sunglasses and a hat to cover her identity. The only stand-out part of her outfit was the neon pink poster she was carrying that read “STOP ASIAN HATE” on one side and a neon green “HATE = RACISM AGAINST GOD” on the other.

Private Photos of Thai King’s Consort Leaked to Anti-Monarchy Activists

Thai King

Apparently out to humiliate Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s official “consort,” a still unidentified party reportedly sent sexually explicit photos of her to anti-monarchy activists outside the country.

Leaked images: British journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall and Thai academic Pavin Chachavalpongpun were among the recipients of over a thousand pictures of Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, many of which are nudes, The Times reported.

Thai Protesters Use Giant Ducks to Shield Against Tear Gas-Laced Water Cannons

rubber duck

Thai protesters are using giant inflatable rubber ducks to defend themselves against police water canons and a liquid laced with tear gas as massive protests continue in the country.

Inflatable defense: The Tuesday demonstration in front of the Parliament House in Bangkok was marked as the most violent protest since the start of the movement in July, according to the BBC.

‘That Wuhan, China, bat thing?’: Michelin Star Chef Blasted for Xenophobic Comments in LA Times Op-Ed

Chef Nancy Silverton recently apologized for the insensitive remarks she made in a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed she co-authored with fellow journalist, Michael Krikorian.

The 66-year-old Michelin star chef apologized over the weekend for the L.A. Times op-ed where she used xenophobic remarks regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how she compared the looters to roaches, according to LA Eater.