Indian American Hero Shelters Over 70 Protesters During Curfew Hours

Indian American Hero Shelters Over 70 Protesters During Curfew Hours
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 4, 2020
An Indian American businessman is being hailed as a hero for opening up his home to over 70 protesters who were demonstrating against the killing of George Floyd on Monday night.  
Rahul Dubey, a Washington D.C. resident for the last 17 years, reportedly helped complete strangers who were allegedly “corralled and pepper-sprayed” by police during curfew hours.
According to Dubey, the protesters needed a place to spend the night after police officers set up a brigade on 15 St. and Swann St. in the evening, reported the Washington Post.
Around 8:30 p.m., he noticed people started sitting on his porch. Some asked if they could charge their phone, while others asked to use his bathroom. 
Then he heard pops and people screaming from pepper spray fire. People started to pour into his home, and he yelled “Get in! Get in!” to anyone fleeing.
“It was like a human tsunami of people that the cops were pushing into my street, and the overflow was coming into my house,” he told Esquire magazine in an interview the next day. “Some have got couch space. There’s a family, a mother and daughter here, that I gave my son’s room to so they get some peace and quiet…They’re safe. They’re cheering. They’re backing each other.” 
The 44-year-old host not only made his guests feel safe, but he also gave them food. Some of those who took shelter in his house took to social media to share Dubey’s good deed.
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The protesters were able to leave Dubey’s home safely and peacefully at 6 a.m. after the curfew in the area ended.
Feature Image via Washington Post (left), @kikivonfreaki (right)
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