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Woman Who Got Black Customers Kicked Out of Atlanta Bar Was a Porsche Employee, Now Fired

After going viral last week for harassing Black customers at a bar in Atlanta, an Asian woman has been terminated from her job at Porsche.

Identified as Sonya Pate, the woman was caught on camera rudely interrupting a group of African-American party-goers who were celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Overdrive Lounge in Solis Two Porsche Drive.

Chinese Porsche Owner Blocks Neighborhood Entrance to Protest $10 Parking Fine, Immediately Regrets It

One Porsche owner has hopefully learned a valuable lesson in humility after his fancy sportscar got trashed by the angry residents of a Shanghai neighborhood.

The owner of the expensive convertible, identified only by his surname Huang, allegedly angered his neighbors after he parked his Porsche at the entrance of their neighborhood, blocking every resident’s path for 14 hours.

Porsche Unveils Their Incredible Electric Car Set to Take On Tesla

Porsche plans on challenging Tesla with their new all-electric concept car called the Mission E unveiled today at the Frankfurt auto show.

Although several years away from production, the four-door sports car has caught the attention of many because it seems that Porsche has designed an electric car that could outperform the market-leading Tesla. If you have a Tesla, or that is what you are leaning towards buying, having a charger (have you heard about this EV Charger Installation?) installed in your garage will be in your best interest. Check here if you are ready for the installation.

Rich Idiot Crashes $845,000 Porsche Trying to Impress a Girl

What happens when you try to impress a girl by speeding off a parking lot in a $845,000 Porsche 918 Spyder? You end up almost hitting someone, crashing into a Range Rover and looking like a fool! A goddamned fool! That’s what happened to this foreign shirtless bro last weekend at Epi Plage in St. Tropez, France. If you ever buy an insane 887-horsepower electric hybrid car, save yourself a mountain of embarrassment and don’t drive it like it’s your first day of driver’s ed.