Man Takes $150k Porsche 911 to the Mechanic, Leaves With a ‘Porshce’

What if you sent your six-figure sports car to the mechanic and it came out with a new identity?
Look at the photograph above showing the back bumper of a Porsche 911. Notice anything wrong? Look closely.
The word “Porsche” is spelled wrong. That’s what happened when the owner of the car took it to a garage recently for a repair and left with a “Porshce.”
The situation isn’t a funny one for the owner, who’s driving around in a $154,000 car that has its automaker’s name misspelled for all to see.
The owner of the Porsche, whose name has not been released, sent his car to a garage to fix a dent on its bumper. When the car was returned, it looked to be in perfect condition until the owner, who lives in Dubai, realized that the mechanics had changed the spelling of “Porsche” to “Porshce.’’
That gaffe, the Daily Mail reports, was revealed on Twitter by the car owner’s friend, Ollie Martin:
“A friend in Dubai took his 911 in for a prang repair, this is what Porsche did… BRILLIANT!”
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Some on Twitter didn’t notice the mistake. Those who did had a good laugh. Twitter user Mark Gallagher tweeted the funniest retort to Martin and Clarkson:
“I bet the invoice was accurate. They never get that wrong.”
He’s probably right.
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