Man Gets Dumped By Girlfriend When She Learns His ‘Porsche’ is Made in China

Man Gets Dumped By Girlfriend When She Learns His ‘Porsche’ is Made in ChinaMan Gets Dumped By Girlfriend When She Learns His ‘Porsche’ is Made in China
A fascinating story of love, deceit, betrayal, and heartbreak recently went viral in China.
The tale involves a Chinese bachelor who captured the heart of a beautiful lady with his charm and… his fancy-looking car that she mistook for a real Porsche Cayenne.
fake porsche
According to ET Today (via The Coverage), their tragic story began not too long ago, when a man in China who drove a fake Porsche Cayenne met an attractive woman at a gathering party.
In just a few exchanges, the man learned that they actually lived not too far from each other. When he proposed to give her a ride, she immediately accepted.
What immediately caught the lady’s attention as they were walking towards his car was not only his courteous, humble demeanor but also that his car was a Porsche Cayenne.
The two hit it off immediately after that night and soon went out on multiple dates, watching movies and enjoying dinner together. The lady would share to her friends that the man was a complete gentleman the whole time.  
She reportedly became so enamored with the man, and his car, that it did not take long for them to become a couple.
In fact, in the two weeks that they were together, they consummated their mutual affection 17 times.
She found it adorable that he would always take her to dine at regular food stalls like a normal, down-to-earth person. The lovestruck woman noticed he was not materialistic too as he always prefers wearing inexpensive clothes. She felt lucky to have met a very secure and humble person.
Such is the pride that the woman held for her new beau (and his fake Porsche) that she flaunted a video of his car to her friends.
However, complications arose when one of her friends pointed out the deception: the car was actually a China knock-off brand called Zoyte.
fake porsche
In complete shock, she wondered how could it be possible since the car had Porsche logos on the hood and the rims of the car.
The friend informed her that those logos can be bought easily online and the car must have been purposely modified to resemble the German-made Porsche Cayenne.
real Porsche Cayenne via Wikimedia Commons/M 93 (CC BY-SA 3.0 de),
She later discovered that the car only costs about 150,000 Yuan ($24,000), which is just a tenth of the price of an actual Porsche Cayenne which is about 1,5000,000 Yuan ($250,000) in China.
Devastated, the woman confronted her beloved with the truth via private messages sent through a local social media platform:
“How much did you buy the car? My friend is wondering if there is any discount for the car,” the lady reportedly said.
The boyfriend explained that it’s the highest specs variant of Porsche Cayenne, which he claimed to have bought at 1.2 million yuan ($190,000).
But his words were only met with ridicule as his beloved girlfriend sent him a photo of the authentic Porsche Cayenne and asked him why the two cars looked very different.
“Oh, this is just the old model. The one I bought is a new model. Of course, they don’t look the same. Why are you troubled by this?” replied the boyfriend.

“Did you mean the new model of Zotye instead? Stop pretending. My friend had already told me the truth. Let’s us just break up,” she said.
“Why are you acting so vain about it? Car is just a transport. Why do you always have to show off?” he responded.
“I show off?! You mother%&*#. It’s you that modified the car to make it look like Porsche! How dare you say I am the one who always shows off! You are a disgusting man. I must have been blind to have ever loved you,” the furious woman replied.
Their story would soon emerge on social media after the woman shared the entire conversation and pictures of the car to an online group. She warned women against dating the “Fake Porsche Dude” who she alleged uses his car to fool women into going to bed with him.
Feature image via ET Today
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