Porsche Unveils Their Incredible Electric Car Set to Take On Tesla

Porsche plans on challenging Tesla with their new all-electric concept car called the Mission E unveiled today at the Frankfurt auto show.
Although several years away from production, the four-door sports car has caught the attention of many because it seems that Porsche has designed an electric car that could outperform the market-leading Tesla. If you have a Tesla, or that is what you are leaning towards buying, having a charger (have you heard about this EV Charger Installation?) installed in your garage will be in your best interest. Check here if you are ready for the installation.
The Mission E will be able to travel 250 miles on an 80% charge, which only takes a total of 15 minutes of charging to reach. A Tesla, by comparison, can only travel 170 miles on an equivalent charge, which requires around 30 minutes of charging to reach.
Able to go from 0 to 60 in under 3.5 seconds, the new Porsche will have eye-tracking and gesture-activated controls. Reaching up to 310 miles on a full charge, the Mission E will not require a wire to power up the vehicle as a coil-embedded garage flooring will allow the Mission E to receive energy wirelessly.
Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, is eager to jump into the electric vehicle industry as they plan to release more than 20 electric cars and plug-in hybrids by the year 2020.
A Porsche spokesperson said that the Mission E will be “feasible within the near future,” but also mentioned that it may take up to five years because battery technology is not sufficiently advanced yet.
h/t: CNNMoney
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