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Woman who told teen daughter to punch opponent at Garden Grove basketball game charged with misdemeanors

Youth Basketball Assault

A California woman accused of encouraging her daughter to hit an opposing player during a youth basketball tournament last month has been charged with misdemeanors this week.

Driving the news: The incident was caught on a video that has since gone viral on social media. The victim, Lauryn Ham, a 15-year-old Asian American girl, received treatment for a bruised neck and concussion.

13 Asian Dads Who Are the Definition of Masculinity


It’s no surprise that men haven’t always been on the forefront when we think of parenthood. However, it’s 2018 and it’s time for things to be equal– including parenting. It’s a shame to think that some people out there think that being a good parent could diminish some idea of “masculinity.” Well, here are Asian dads who are the epitome of masculinity and fatherhood.

1. The Ballet Bodybuilder

This bodybuilder father who not only lifts dumbbells, but uplifts his daughter while in a tutu.

Merciless Dad Arrested After Stomping On His Toddler Daughter in China

A disturbing video of a father viciously slapping and stomping on a little girl in China has been making the rounds on Chinese social media.

In the clip taken from a mobile device, the girl can be seen being stepped on by a grown man while a terrified crowd watches nearby.  He then picked the toddler up and slapped her face several times. When one of the onlookers asked him why he was beating the child, he responded by saying there’s “nothing’s going on.” The despicable act reportedly happened at a bus station in northern China in Langfang, Hebei Province on December 2, reports The Paper (via Mail Online).  

Father Arrested for Homicide After Leaving 11-Month-old Daughter in Hot Car

Local authorities in Louisiana have arrested a 40-year-old father whose infant daughter died after he inadvertently left her in his car for an entire day.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the father, identified as Sheng Li, was supposed to drop 11-month-old Claire Li off at daycare on Thursday morning, but instead, forgot about her and headed straight to work.

Sorry Excuse for a Mom Puts ‘Noisy Toddler’ in a Cage to Continue Playing Mahjong

When it comes to raising a child, parents have different disciplinary techniques, but a mother from central China may have crossed the line when she locked her “noisy” toddler inside a dog cage so she could continue playing mahjong.

After receiving a mountain of negative criticisms, the 35-year-old mother from Liuyang denied allegations that she locked her son in the cage but admitted to placing him in an empty cage just “briefly.”

Spoiled Chinese Son Beats His Own Parents For Buying Him a ‘Small’ Apartment

My parents always taught me the importance of humility and gratitude. These values have always stuck with me and I’m eternally grateful that they raised me right. This is why I feel like flipping a table over every time I see somebody mistreating their parents.

A video has gone viral in China showing a spoiled and sorry excuse of a son punching and kicking his parents on the street. What’s the reason behind the attack, you ask? Because they bought an apartment as a wedding present that turned out to be “too small” for his tastes.

Mom Punishes Young Daughter Who Dislikes School by Chaining Her to a Pole

One mom in Malaysia caused an outrage among netizens after an image of her eight-year-old daughter chained to a lamppost was shared on social media and went viral on Wednesday.

Local authorities have questioned the 30-year-old mother who claimed she tied the primary school student to the concrete column at their Lagoon Perdana apartment to teach her a lesson. She said her daughter refused to go to school at the nearby Bandar Sunway.

Japanese Boy Abandoned By Parents in the Forest Found Alive

There appears to be a happy ending to the folk tale-like story of the Japanese parents who abandoned their naughty 7-year-old son in the forest after all.

Six days after Yamato Tanooka had reportedly “disappeared,” soldiers found the young boy alive though he was left with neither food nor water and dressed in merely a t-shirt and jeans. Somehow, he had survived the cold and rainy wilderness in the forests of Japan’s northernmost island.