Single Father Sells Everything He Has to Take His 2-Year-Old Daughter Around the World

Single Father Sells Everything He Has to Take His 2-Year-Old Daughter Around the World
Editorial Staff
November 2, 2015
One entrepreneur and single father in Shanghai has quit his workaholic life by boldly selling his possessions just to spend the next five years traveling the world with his daughter.
In what seemed like a snap decision, Zhu Chinxie sold his $315,000 house and his company to buy an RV and travel the world with his 2-year-old daughter for the next five years.
Zhu moved to Shanghai 10 years ago and started his own company. Since then, he has lived a comfortable life and bought himself a 1078-square-foot house. Now that his daughter is 2-years-old without a mother in the picture, Zhu plans to give her the life that most single-parent families can’t afford.
Earlier this year, Zhu made the seemingly impulsive decision to sell off his assets and spent the next three months planning his great escape. In August, he and his daughter set out in their RV for an epic road trip, leaving Shanghai behind. They don’t plan to return for the next five years.
While Zhu admits that traveling in his new RV isn’t as comfortable as the nice house and comfortable lifestyle he left behind, his thoughts are purely on enriching his young daughter’s life.
Zhu told those that criticized his decision that he realized most people are too busy to spend time with their kids, the result being that they grow up without a father figure. Zhe explained via Shanghaiist:
“In the eyes of a child, having a father to accompany them through childhood is the most important thing.”
Hopefully his 2-year-old daughter’s memory is enough to remember the father-daughter trip of a lifetime.
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