Man Learns His Mother Died After Cooking Mother’s Day Meal That He Missed

Man Learns His Mother Died After Cooking Mother’s Day Meal That He Missed
Bryan Ke
May 16, 2019
A man broke down in tears after he learned that his elderly mother passed as soon as she finished preparing the Mother’s Day meal that he missed.
The woman, who is believed to be a single mother and had raised her son by herself after a divorce, was found dead by her neighbor, only identified as Lau, after a strong stench started to come from her house.
According to Lau’s Facebook post via China Press, as translated by World of Buzz, he immediately contacted authorities thinking that something may have happened to the elderly woman who lived alone.
After the police and fire department successfully broke down the doors, they were shocked to find out that the elderly woman had already been deceased for a few days. Maggots had already started crawling through her body.
Lau was at the scene and discovered that there were cooked dishes prepared on the table, as if she were waiting for someone to join her.
The authorities were able to identify the woman and contacted her son.
After rushing home, he broke down in tears when he discovered the meal that his mother had made. He realized that he will never get to have the chance to eat with her again.
He then told Lau that he works in Singapore and returned to Taiwan to celebrate Mother’s Day, but he was unable to come home immediately as he had to attend to some work-related matters.
On the day of the tragic incident, the woman went to the shower after cooking, but suffered a heart attack while alone inside the house. Her body wasn’t found until four days after.
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