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China’s Biggest Rap Hit Right Now is About Noodles

Kris Wu

Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu dropped a music video of a catchy rap song about noodles last month that has become a mouth-watering hit. 

The track was a riff on a previous impromptu rap he performed for noodle shop patrons as part of a variety show episode that aired in 2017. According to Sixth Tone, Wu was widely mocked by netizens for the original lyrics that go: “Look at the noodle, it’s long and thick — just like the bowl, which is big and round.”

Foreigners Say Japanese People Sound ‘Like a Pig’ and ‘Toilet Flushing’ When They Slurp Noodles

Foreigners apparently find the noodle slurping custom in Japan to be quite disturbing that some have even expressed that the sound would put them off from sitting next to someone.

In a morning Japanese news show “Tokudane!” via Matome Naver, the hosts talk about “noodle harassment,” or as they call it in Japan nuuhara, which is short for nuudoru harasumento.

Woman Accidentally Hit by Dancing Noodle at Hotpot Restaurant During Performance

Chinese social media is buzzing with a viral video showing a woman getting accidentally hit in her eyes by a flying noodle during a “performance” at a hotpot chain.

The clip, which was titled “The worst thing that could happen while eating Hai Di Lao has come true” and believed to have been taken at a popular hotpot chain in Hunan province, China, was first posted online on Tuesday, May 22. It has now been watched over 1.3 million times on Facebook.

Japan Has a $130 Fork That Eliminates the Sound of Noodle Slurping

Japan has come up with a way to eliminate the sound of noodle slurping by creating a hi-tech fork that works with a smartphone to mask the food noises.

While numerous Japanese citizens prefer to keep their noodle-slurping habits, instant noodle company Nissin has created Otohiko, a bulky-looking fork similar to an electric toothbrush albeit with a utensil on its tip instead.

Restaurant in China Offers Free Food to Street Sweepers, Soldiers and the Elderly

The Loving Heart Tofu restaurant in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China has been offering free noodles and breakfast to streets sweepers, soldiers and the elderly since it opened its doors in October 2015, warming the hearts of netizens in the process.

Restaurant owner Sun Zhiwen claims he’s “an ordinary businessman” who just wants “more people to feel the same warmth and kindness that I was given while growing up poor.”

Man Risks Everything By Asking For Extra Spicy Pad Thai

A Thai restaurant in Florida tried to make a daring man regret his decision after he requested for his meal to be “extra spicy.” Hawkers Asian Street Fare in Jacksonville certainly proved that they mean business when it comes to spicy food.

Logan Doan considers himself someone who has a considerable tolerance for any mouth-burning dish, so he ordered an “extra spicy” pad Thai last week, and came home with a receipt with the word spicy printed a staggering 17 times.

Street Cleaner Only Eats Noodles to Support His Daughter’s Dream of Becoming a Gymnast

A Chinese street cleaner has reportedly been sacrificing his meals over the past seven years, eating only noodles and steamed buns, to save enough money to help fulfill his daughter’s dream of becoming a gymnast.

The dedicated father, identified as 49-year-old Hou Yanwei, spoke about his daughter’s aspirations in a video interview posted on “My biggest dream is that my daughter will make the national team,” Hou was quoted as saying.