Man Tries Spiciest Noodles on Earth in Indonesia — Immediately Regrets it

Man Tries Spiciest Noodles on Earth in Indonesia — Immediately Regrets it
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
August 26, 2016
YouTuber Ben Ten has a knack for food adventures. Recently, he challenged himself to consume what he called the “spiciest portion of noodles in the entire planet earth.”
This plate of Indomie noodles is called “pedas mampus” (death spicy), and apparently, it’s not found everywhere.
Ben took a leap of faith at the Warung Abang Adek, a Jakarta food shop that’s notorious for serving the insanely hot noodles. With over 100 ground hot chili peppers packed into a bowl of pedas mampus, one’s always free to opt out.
But Ben did not retreat.
Eventually, Ben and his companion got into a noodle toast, marking the start of their ordeal.
Ben shook his head as the first few strands got into his mouth. It didn’t take him long to realize what he had done.
“It’s not edible man. It’s not freakin’ edible,” his buddy told him. “It’s so hot! This is not for human, Ben.”
While told that he did not need to finish it, Ben continued eating, taking off his outer shirt this time.
And that’s when his entire body went loco.
He drank as much liquid as he can to buffer the spice.
“This sucks man… This is the worst feeling you’ll ever have in your life.”
He noticed something wasn’t right.
Soon enough, Ben went to the sink and literally cooled his head off.
Watch the full video below:
Think you can beat death spicy? Abang Adek is located at Jl. Mandala Utara No. 8, Tomang, Jakarta. 
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