Man Risks Everything By Asking For Extra Spicy Pad Thai

Man Risks Everything By Asking For Extra Spicy Pad ThaiMan Risks Everything By Asking For Extra Spicy Pad Thai
Kyle Encina
October 11, 2017
A Thai restaurant in Florida tried to make a daring man regret his decision after he requested for his meal to be “extra spicy.”
Logan Doan considers himself someone who has a considerable tolerance for any mouth-burning dish, so he ordered an “extra spicy” pad Thai last week, and came home with a receipt with the word spicy printed a staggering 17 times.
The number of “spicy” entries could’ve meant the number of chili ingredients since Doan’s pad Thai was topped with a copious amount of pepper flakes. If that wasn’t bad enough, the terrifying receipt ended with the line “MAKE HIM REGRET BEING BORN.”
While Doan was able to survive the scorching ordeal, he admitted in jest via Reddit that the dish was basically a “low key suicide attempt.” However, the restaurant’s nefarious attempt didn’t exactly fulfill Doan’s request as he revealed that he “didn’t really get a rush” from the dish, according to Munchies.
Fortunately for Doan, he was lucky he didn’t get to experience the devastating effects that chili has dealt to others. Another Reddit user, who goes by the username drinkingspaghetti, recalled his horrible experience with facing his worst Pho which he described as like having a “flame-filled orgy” in his chest.
Studies have revealed that chili lovers are likely to live a longer life, but extreme cases such as the one above might just cut it short instead. Regardless, the two chili fiends are still fortunate enough that their dish didn’t contain an Austrian chili, which is known for not only wreaking havoc in their stomachs, but on their pockets as well.
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