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Taekwondo athlete is fighting the US Olympic Committee for her right to represent Haiti in Tokyo

A teen athlete claims the U.S. Olympic Committee is trying to stop her from representing Haiti for the Tokyo Olympics.

Taking a dream away: Taekwondo athlete Aliyah Shipman, who has been fighting and winning medals for the Haitian Taekwondo Federation for the last two years, said that U.S. Olympic officials are now questioning her eligibility and background, reported WRLN

#DelhiIsBurning Trends as Violence Spreads in India Over Anti-Muslim Citizenship Law

Riots have gripped the Indian capital of New Delhi over a law that grants citizenship for illegal immigrants from neighboring Muslim-majority countries — as long as they are not Muslim.

The violence, which coincided with U.S. President Donald Trump’s first state visit, broke out between those in favor and those against the law in the streets northeast of the city. The riots led to the deaths of at least 43 people since Sunday.

Filipino Woman’s Facebook Post on What It’s Like to Be Catholic and Muslim Goes Viral

A Filipino woman has gone viral on Facebook after sharing her life living as both a Catholic and a Muslim, and how the two different religions co-existed in their home.

Arizza Nocum, in her Facebook post last week, said that she grew up in a household with a Catholic father who was a former seminarian and a native of Zamboanga city, and a Muslim mother with a family line that grew up in Siasi, Sulu where “Islam commingled with Tausug customs to create a culture that respected faith, bravery, and compassion.”

Michigan City Worker No Longer Employed After Leaving Racist Facebook Comment Mocking Muslim Model


A part-time surveyor for the city of Dearborn, Michigan, is no longer working for the city as a result of the backlash he received for posting a racist comment on WXYZ Detroit’s Facebook post of a Muslim woman featured on Sports Illustrated.

The man in question, identified as Bill Larion, left a comment on the news channel’s Facebook post that says: “Cute picture should be on the cover Camels are us.”

Badass Woman Poses In Front of Anti-Muslim Protesters for One Epic Photo

A badass Muslim woman from the Washington D.C. area took a stand against bigotry and hate by showing kindness — and posing for the camera in front of a group of hateful protesters over the weekend.

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel, a 24-year-old behavioral therapist for children with autism, attended the Islamic Circle of North America convention on Saturday. At the event, the first thing she saw was a group of men protesting outside the convention area with offensive signs while verbally harassing Muslims passing by the event.