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Chris Martin surprises Kelly Clarkson by singing the Korean verses of Coldplay and BTS’ new single

Chris Martin shocks Kelly

Coldplay singer Chris Martin surprised talk show host and fellow singer Kelly Clarkson today when he sang in Korean while performing an acoustic version of the new Coldplay and BTS collaborative single “My Universe” on her talk show.

“You are my universe”: Martin, 44, went on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” to discuss and solo-perform the song his band did with the K-pop superstar group BTS on the same day that the song was pre-released, Sept. 24. 

Rare ‘Sailor Moon’ soundtrack unearthed after 26 years of being ‘lost’

soundtracks from Sailor Moon are found

Music composers Don Perry and Bob Summers have recently rediscovered a CD that contains the “lost” original soundtracks they composed for the English dubbed version of “Sailor Moon.” 

The details: The collection was released on Saturday by TF1945’s Sailor Moon Hub, a month-old YouTube channel devoted to the series. It also includes all of the sound effects that DIC Entertainment used for their English dubbed, North American release of the iconic anime “Sailor Moon,” We Got This Covered reported.

The Chinese-Filipino singer who symbolizes the Philippines’ three-month-long Christmas celebration

Jose Mari Chan meme

September’s arrival means two things for many Filipinos: the holiday season is fast approaching, and memes featuring Chinese-Filipino singer Jose Mari Chan, 76, will be everywhere. 

Here come the memes

Altered images and online jokes featuring the beloved singer have unintentionally become a part of the Filipino holiday tradition in recent years.

Bella Poarch reveals she was a victim of sexual assault in second MV ‘Inferno’

Bella Poarch exacts revenge on abusers in "Inferno."

Filipino American pop star Bella Poarch has opened up about being a victim of sexual assault in “Inferno,” her new single with singer and producer Sub Urban.

The details: Poarch, 24, revealed her experience in the comments section of the song’s music video, which dropped on Friday and has since raked over 15 million views. She began her disclosure with a trigger warning.

Bang PD, the Man Behind BTS, Steps Down as CEO

Bang Si-Hyuk (Bang PD) is stepping down from his role as CEO of HYBE, the company which launched K-pop juggernaut BTS, as part of the company’s leadership reconstruction plan so he can focus on his music production career.

Stepping down: HYBE, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, announced in an official statement that Bang will still be a chairman on the Board of Directors and assist in the “decision-making of the company’s core business.” 

Violinist Pinchas Zukerman’s Master Class Pulled After ‘Culturally Insensitive’ Remarks to Japanese Sisters

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated from its original version to include an email from Julliard informing participants and guests of performers’ nationalities.

Renowned violinist/conductor Pinchas Zukerman recently apologized for the anti-Asian statements he made during his master class at the Julliard School last Friday.

Olivia Rodrigo Adds High School Diploma to Her Growing List of Achievements

Olivia Rodrigo

Filipino American singing sensation Olivia Rodrigo is celebrating another milestone in her life, reminding us all that she’s just getting started.

Achievement unlocked: The 18-year-old star, whose phenomenal rise this year is highlighted by record-breaking singles, took to Instagram on June 19 to let her followers know that she has officially graduated from high school.

Jay Park Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Video Remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’

Jay Park

People are accusing hip-hop artist Jay Park of cultural appropriation for his “Asian version” of Kendrick Lamar’s hit song “DNA.” 

Problematic video: On Monday the Korean American rapper released a music video for the song — which has since been made private on YouTube — that tackles his pride for his Korean culture and Asian heritage while prominently featuring visuals from Black culture.

BTS’ 2nd English Language Song ‘Butter’ is Demolishing Multiple Records at Different Billboard Charts


BTS’s historic latest single, “Butter,” broke multiple records last week when it debuted at the top spot on Billboard Global 200 chart and the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart.

Breakaway winner: With 11 total tracks on the “Global 200” ranking, BTS has broken its previous tie with BLACKPINK, and is now the South Korean musical act with the most placements on the weekly list

‘Those Are My Homies’: Gwen Stefani Shuts Appropriation Claims Over ‘Harajuku Girls’ Era

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani has responded to long-standing accusations of cultural appropriation over her “Harajuku Girls” era, making a point that such “rules” are only “dividing us more and more.”

The claims: Since the former “No Doubt” frontwoman released “Harajuku Girls” as part of her debut solo album in 2004, critics have accused her of appropriating Japanese culture.

Meet Patricia Chin, the Jamaican Woman Who Escaped Political Violence and Helped Bring Reggae to the World


Patricia Chin, also known as Miss Pat, is an influential figure in the reggae community and the woman who helped popularize the genre in the United States and around the world.

How it all started: Miss Pat’s journey to reggae began when she and her late husband Vincent “Randy” Chin opened their music store called Randy’s Records in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1958, where they sold jukebox records, according to Rootfire.