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Thai Red Cross strongly recommends people not sell their kidneys for iPhone 14s

iPhone Kidney meme
  • Dr. Sophon Mekthon, the managing director of the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center, condemned the circulating “kidney-for-iPhone 14” meme on Sunday after the picture reached Thai social media over the weekend.
  • “There is no organ trading. That is prohibited,” Mekthon said. “It is inappropriate to suggest selling organs, especially to get money to buy an iPhone. It is morally wrong and unethical."
  • The photo, which has since been taken down as of reporting, reportedly originated from a Vietnamese beauty clinic based in Laos.
  • The picture featured three people holding up iPhones with their bandaged abdomens exposed, implying that they each sold their kidney to afford a brand new iPhone 14.

A Thai doctor has condemned a circulating meme suggesting that three people pictured with bloodied bandages on their abdomens sold their kidneys to buy the new Apple iPhone 14.

Dr. Sophon Mekthon, the managing director of the Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center, warned people on Sunday that organ trading in Thailand is illegal and condemned the circulating meme after it reached Thai social media over the weekend.

Meme placing Florida Asian American judge between Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping sparks outrage

  • A meme that sandwiched an image of Florida Asian American Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu between photos of Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping has been slammed as racist by community members.
  • The meme was created by Xavier Villacis, a former campaign consultant for Aldo Bartolone, who is running against Chiu for the Orange County Circuit Court.
  • Villacis posted the meme outside Bartolone’s campaign and defended it by saying he was exercising his own freedom of speech.
  • Bartolone said he fired Villacis immediately after being informed about the latter’s actions.
  • Responding to the controversy, Chiu said he is upset by the attack but declared that it is “nothing new to people of color.”

A political strategist behind a meme that sandwiched an image of a Florida Asian American circuit judge between photos of Chinese communist leaders Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping has been slammed as racist by community members.

The image of Orange County Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu, who is running for re-election, was also marked with a big red “X” and labeled “China’s judge” in one corner.

Man stuck on top of car during Seoul flooding becomes meme in South Korea

  • A man who was photographed stuck on top of his car in the midst of the devastating rainfall in Seoul has become amemes in South Korea.
  • With his car halfway submerged into the water, the man is seen on top of his car looking down at his phone.
  • The man became the subject of several edited images, with many imitating movie posters.
  • Another image shows a photo the man took himself from the roof of his car.
  • Seoul was hit by a historic rainfall on Monday that left nine dead and seven others missing as citizens walked in thigh-high waters.

Following the devastating rainfall in Seoul that left at least eight dead and seven others missing, a man who was photographed marooned on top of his car has become a meme in South Korea.

In the original photo, a half-submerged car is seen stranded in the middle of the road as the driver sits on top of the vehicle while looking at his phone. Internet users in South Korea edited the image and created various memes imitating advertisements and movie posters. 

NASCAR star Denny Hamlin apologizes for sharing ‘Family Guy’ meme mocking Asian drivers

Denny Hamlin
  • Denny Hamlin, the co-owner of 23XI Racing, apologized on Monday for sharing an Asian stereotype meme from "Family Guy" to make light of a crash that driver Kyle Larson caused during the Geico 500 race at Talladega Superspeedway over the weekend.
  • The meme featured an Asian woman driving recklessly and was targeted at Larson because he is half Japanese.
  • “I took down a post I made earlier today after reading some of the comments,” Hamlin wrote. “It was a poor choice of memes and I saw how it was offensive. It came across totally wrong. I apologize.”
  • NASCAR ordered Hamlin, 41, to undergo sensitivity training that must begin by the end of this week.
  • “We have spoken with Denny Hamlin regarding his tweet from yesterday. Toyota supports NASCAR’s decision to mandate sensitivity training for Denny and we will all move forward together,” representatives from Toyota, which Hamlin is affiliated with as a team owner, said in a statement.

American NASCAR racer Denny Hamlin apologized on Tuesday for sharing a  meme depicting a harmful Asian stereotype to make light of a crash that happened at a race over the weekend.

Hamlin, 41, had shared a clip from a “Family Guy” episode on Twitter the day before that depicts an Asian woman driving recklessly, in reference to a crash that Kyle Larson, who is half Japanese, caused during the Geico 500 race at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday.

‘Easy, Medium, Hard and Asian’: The origins of the viral ’emotional damage’ TikTok meme

comedian and actor Steve He
  • In a trending meme on TikTok, the audio from a clip of an Asian man yelling “emotional damage” has been paired with a multitude of videos for comedic effect.
  • The man behind the meme is Chinese Irish comedian and actor Steven He, who has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, where the “emotional damage” clip originated.

In a popular TikTok meme, creators stitch together videos with a clip of Chinese Irish comedian and actor Steve He yelling “emotional damage!”

The meme’s origins were tracked down by the website “The Teal Mango,” which explained that the viral video was pulled from one of He’s YouTube videos, “When ‘Asian’ is a Difficulty Mode.” The original video has accrued almost 12 million views since it was first uploaded in September, as of this writing. The now famous sound byte occurs around the 1:07 mark. 

Man detained for 9 days by Chinese police for sharing ‘insulting’ meme of dog wearing a police hat

meme police china covid-19 measures

Chinese authorities have recently detained a man for sharing a meme considered insulting to the image of the police force.

What happened: The man, who was identified by his surname Li, was summoned to a police station in Qingtongxia, a city in China’s Ningxia region, on Saturday following an investigation, according to a now-deleted report from The Paper via CNN.

Dad Wins ‘Big Regret’ Meme on Twitter With Hilarious Photo of Baby’s Power Kick

big regret

A doting dad who simply wanted to preserve a sweet moment with his baby has won over Japanese social media after showing how it was actually a big regret. 

Recently, a regret meme that goes by the hashtag #MissJapanContestCategory:HowBadAMistakeHaveYouMade (miss short for mistake) started making rounds on Japanese Twitter, having users share their best stories of hilarious humiliation.