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Dad Wins ‘Big Regret’ Meme on Twitter With Hilarious Photo of Baby’s Power Kick

big regret

A doting dad who simply wanted to preserve a sweet moment with his baby has won over Japanese social media after showing how it was actually a big regret. 

Recently, a regret meme that goes by the hashtag #MissJapanContestCategory:HowBadAMistakeHaveYouMade (miss short for mistake) started making rounds on Japanese Twitter, having users share their best stories of hilarious humiliation.

What is ‘UwU’ and Why Do People Keep Saying It?

Memes are hard. Not only are we struggling as a society to understand where these staples of internet irony source from, half the time we’re not sure what they mean in the first place.

Not to worry. NextShark has you covered today on a particularly viral meme — one that sources from anime fixations and kawaii energy. We’re referring, of course, to “uwu,” which is…an emoticon? A noise? Both?

Genius Bro Replaces His Volvo 240’s Door Chime With Toto’s ‘Africa’

Toto Africa

A Volvo classic car owner recently went viral after swapping his car’s grating door chime for an 8-bit instrumental version of Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa”.

Among the memorable gems from the rock era of the ’80s, “Africa” recently re-emerged as the internet’s anthem. Hacking his equally iconic Volvo 240, Chris Ng modified the plug-in sound module located under the car’s dash to make the door chime play a simplified version of the song.