Dad Wins ‘Big Regret’ Meme on Twitter With Hilarious Photo of Baby’s Power Kick

Dad Wins ‘Big Regret’ Meme on Twitter With Hilarious Photo of Baby’s Power KickDad Wins ‘Big Regret’ Meme on Twitter With Hilarious Photo of Baby’s Power Kick
Carl Samson
March 27, 2019
A doting dad who simply wanted to preserve a sweet moment with his baby has won over Japanese social media after showing how it was actually a big regret. 
Recently, a regret meme that goes by the hashtag #MissJapanContestCategory:HowBadAMistakeHaveYouMade (miss short for mistake) started making rounds on Japanese Twitter, having users share their best stories of hilarious humiliation.
Many shared errors and accidents while doing their hobbies, as well as funny anecdotes while going about their daily lives.
Check these out:
“Pooh cookies I made two years ago.”
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“I just finished making this Mega Man art out of perler beads when my nose decided it was time to sneeze. It was game over right before my eyes.”
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“I thought this was tuna in a can. It had a light taste, but because I was tired, I finished eating anyway. I was about to throw the can when I saw this cat stare at me.”
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“I was just trying to slice apples.”
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“When I went to the OB-GYNE for my first pregnancy, a nurse asked me to ‘take everything off, sit down, and put a blanket if it’s cold.’ So I took off all my clothes and was completely naked. Later, the nurse returned and burst out laughing, saying ‘sorry, the way I said it was probably unclear.'”
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However, one post with miraculous timing really takes the cake. 
Behold Twitter user @ykch_’s “big regret”:
“A long time ago, I wanted to take a photo with my son. But right as the shutter flashed, this ridiculous scene happened, looking like straight out of a manga.”
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Interestingly, @ykch_ happens to be a photographer, so that should explain just how he managed to shoot right on time.
Still, it’s safe to say that this dad had no clue about what was coming.
Image via Twitter / @ykch_
@ykch_’s post has amassed 86,000 likes and 34,000 comments as of this writing, with many feeling a bit of schadenfreude of his moment. 
“This is a great picture.”
“What a wonderful face!”
“No, this is not a mistake.”
“I want a drama out of this.”
“A photo that feels nostalgic to me. LOL.”
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