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Chinese PhD Student Among Those Killed in Chicago Mass Shooting

The University of Chicago expressed sadness over the death of Yiran Fan, a 30-year-old Ph.D. student from China who was killed by a gunman during a shooting spree on Saturday afternoon.

“Random” victim: Fan, who was shot as he was sitting inside his car in an East Hyde Park parking garage, is among at least three victims who were gunned down that day by the shooter, who was later identified as 32-year-old Jason Nightengale, reports WGNTV.

CNN Under Fire After Saying Fresno Shooting is a ‘Milestone’ for Hmong Americans

Fresno shooting

CNN is being criticized for an insensitive headline regarding a recent mass shooting in Fresno, California, in which four Hmong men were tragically killed and several more were injured.

Police have since stated that the incident was very likely to have been a targeted attack and are currently looking for a motive as well as the two or more suspects who opened fire on the Sunday night football viewing party.

Cadet Peter Wang to Receive Medal of Heroism, Honor Guard For Sacrificing Himself to Save Others in Florida Shooting

Parkland Shooting

Peter Wang, the 15-year-old JROTC member who heroically saved many lives during the gruesome Parkland Shooting on February 14, will receive an Honor Guard at his funeral as well as be awarded the Medal of Heroism by the Army.

In the GoFundMe page dedicated to the cadet, Chino Leong, a close friend of Wang’s family, said that the “governor’s office will be supplying an honor guard” for the young hero’s funeral.

An honor guard – or Guard of Honor – is a ceremony conducted by the military whenever they are welcoming someone important or escorting a casket to a funeral. Additionally, Wang, along with fellow JROTC students Alaina Petty and Martin Duque who were killed in the school shooting, will be awarded Medals of Heroism, the service’s highest medal for cadets to recognize their bravery, according to Task and Purpose.

Ohio Man Arrested for Threatening ‘Las Vegas Casino Mass Shooting’ to Kill His Wife

An Ohio man is now facing federal charges for threatening to commit mass shooting at a Las Vegas casino where his estranged wife used to work, and threatened to kill her in the process.

According to FBI officials, the suspect, Wei Li, made the threat through a series of text messages to his wife between Nov. 6-9, Huffington Post reported. The 28-year-old man was arrested by authorities on Nov. 10 with a bond of $500,000 until his case is transferred to the federal court.

California Mom Shot 5 Times Protecting Children In Mass Shooting and NO ONE Wanted to Help Her

An Asian woman was shot five times while protecting her children in series of shootings that occurred on November 13 and 14 in Rancho Tehama, California. Tiffany Phommathep was shot by 44-year-old Kevin Neal in the Rancho Tehama shooting, which left five dead and 12 wounded earlier this week, according to NBC.

On Tuesday morning, Phommathep was dropping off three of her four children at school. At this time, Neal pulled up to the school alongside her truck and started firing from a high-powered rifle. As shots rang out, she threw herself on top of her 10-year-old son sitting in the passenger seat, shielding him from the bullets. She sustained four shots to her back and shoulder and one shot to her hip.

Las Vegas Shooter Wired $100,000 To Girlfriend in the Philippines A Week Before Massacre

Stephen Paddock, the spree-killing mass shooter who terrorized the Route 91 Harvest Festival, leaving at least 59 dead and 527 injured, wired $100,000 to Marilou Danley in the Philippines just days before the October 1 attack, according to The Hill.

Described as Paddock’s girlfriend, Danley lived with him in his Mesquite, Nevada residence. NBC reports that it is yet to be determined what Paddock intended the money to be used for; whether he meant for her to use the money to take care of herself, her family, or for some other purpose remains to be seen.

Filipina Woman Cleared as ‘Person of Interest’ by Police in Relation to Las Vegas Shooting

Sixty two-year-old Marilou Danley has been located by police due to her connection with the Las Vegas shooter at Mandalay Bay hotel, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock. According to CNN, she is not considered a suspect; officials have cleared her as a “person of interest” and she was out of the country when the October 1 incident that left more than 50 dead and at least 515 injured — the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

We have located the vehicles in question, and we are confident we have located the female person of interest.