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Pregnant woman gifts husband $650,000 Lamborghini so he will care for her and the baby ‘day and night’

Malaysian buys husband lamborghini
  • A pregnant Malaysian woman bought her husband a Lamborghini as a gift so he could prepare for “confinement” after the baby is born.
  • Cosmetics entrepreneur Anes Ayuni Osman, 19, uploaded a TikTok video of her surprising her husband on March 12 by blindfolding him and taking him to the car dealership.
  • The TikTok video has amassed 1.5 million views and 160,000 likes.
  • The 19-year-old said she will may give birth byC-section at the end of March.

A pregnant Malaysian woman shared a video online in which she surprises her husband with a $650,000 Lamborghini in anticipation of his dedicated caretaking of her and their baby.

Anes Ayuni Osman, 19, uploaded the video to TikTok on March 12, showing viewers how she surprised her husband by taking him into a car dealership blindfolded. In the video, her husband, 20-year-old Weldan Zulkefli, cries from happiness after seeing the turquoise Huracan Evo wrapped with a giant red bow. 

Dog Owner Has to Pay $6,600 in Compensation to Lamborghini Driver Who Hit Her Dog

A dog owner has agreed to pay a Lamborghini driver 45,000 yuan ($6,600) after her pet escaped and ran towards the 8 million yuan ($1,169,847) luxury car, causing minor damage to the vehicle.

The incident happened in Suzhou on July 17 when the golden retriever slipped its leash while walking with the owner’s 13-year-old daughter, according to Jiangsu Television via South China Morning Post.

Man’s $460,000 Lamborghini May Be Destroyed for Scrap After Illegal Race in Singapore

An Indonesian man’s $630,000 Singapore dollars ($462,589) Lamborghini could be scrapped after it was forfeited to the state following its owner’s previous involvement in illegal racing.

Singapore court decided to forfeit the exotic vehicle, which was bought under the name of the company owned by the parents of Indonesian traffic offender Kevin Pratama Chandra.