Lamborghini Owner Arrested After Video of Reckless Driving Goes Viral

Social media has brought one reckless Lamborghini owner in Singapore to justice after a video of his dangerous driving went viral on Facebook.
The video of the blue Lambo whizzing past two vehicles on an expressway later led to the arrest of its 45-year-old owner, local police officers have confirmed. 
A netizen had alerted to a video of the incident, which reportedly took place on Oct. 1, according to Stomp. The footage was later re-uploaded on the Facebook page and credited to Facebook user Heng See Meng. The footage immediately sparked an outrage online with netizens condemning the Lamborghini driver’s careless actions.
Heng, the original uploader of the video, told The Straits Times that it was a “very scary experience.” 
“I really hope all drivers respect road discipline and not bring danger to other road users,” he said.
The images of the car, a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder,  being towed have also gone viral after being shared on the Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Roads and Facebook pages. One image showed the blue sports car waiting to be towed, while another featured it already loaded on the vehicle.
An offender can be jailed up to a year and fined up to $3,000 if convicted of dangerous driving.
Many netizens celebrated the arrest and were glad that the vehicle was seized.
“Time to put some order & law back on the roads. Also, those Drivers who drove on the opposite side of the roads, please do something too,” said one commenter.
“I don’t care about how rich they are and how they can get away ..but i just enjoy the laugh and moment now,” said another.
Netizens did their own investigation to identify the driver, with some posting photos of the suspected driver and his Facebook profile on the road safety community Facebook page. The authorities however, did not reveal the name and nationality of the culprit.
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